Saturday, May 1, 2010

Oh my...seriously?

With mom out with the ladies for a chick flick, Jacoby and I headed out to pick up some odds and ends at Cranky's store and Target. Yeah, I have complained about Cranky because he is...cranky, but he does sell random backs readily and I had specific needs...5 sleeves of tobacco card holders, ONE pack of Bowman Heritage 2007 (for my rainbow refractor needs...check) and, oh heck, lets snag a few pack of the chicle to find some tounge cards! I took a look at a hobby box because I wanted to check out the autograph subjects. Of the more common group, group "A" my eyes focused in on Pablo Sandoval. Guess what? Woo-hoo! Kung-Fu Panda has found his way into our collection at last! As I searched for a toploader and sleeve, I remember that there were variations and I needed to look at the back...
Get out! So this is the "black umbrella" backed variation? Oh snap! Here it comes Joe, I can't help it...MOJO! :) Kung-Fu Mojo!


  1. Seems like you have some pretty darn good luck with these packs so far, I gotta try some :)

  2. Is that for trade? Please let me know!


  3. Sweet! It's sort of fun to win an auction on eBay for a card. it is REALLY FUN to bust open a pack and get a great card. There is nothing like it.

  4. Awesome card! I really like the old school Topps logo on the back and Pablo's signature isn't too bad.

    Nice score!