Monday, April 26, 2010

To the Nines...Needs List

Below is my needs for collection. The number in red indicate how many out of a full page I currently have. The names in blue represent who players that I have in that group. I am GENERALLY (but not always) not opposed to a trade within this group if you really really really want somebody, I just need something else to swap it with...that's why this is the tradin' post.


6-9 2010 Topps Hat Relics (Throwback Logos) (Wagner, Matthews, Dean, Kaline, Sissler, McCovey)

3-9 2010 Topps Target Exclusive (Pujols, Jones, Hornsby)

10-15 2009 T206 Minis Polar Bear (Peavy, Gallardo, Cliff Lee, Zimmerman, Hamels, Perry, Hernandez, Buerhle, Butler, Dickerson)

6-15 2009 T206 Minis Old Mill (Hoffman, Aramis Ramirez, Pierre, Freese, Bradley, Hamilton)

4-15 2009 Goodwin Champion Mini Foil (Holliday, Sizemore, Nathan, Soria

1-9 2009 Toppss Flagship Silk Collection (DeRosa)

4-9 2009 Topps Flagship Red Relics (Aramis Ramirez, Bruce, Baldelli, Chavez)

8-9 2009 Goodwin Champion Relics (Victor Martinez, Hamels, Beckett, Schmidt, Yaz, Kendrick, Felix Hernandez, Guerrero)


  1. I have a few T206 minis that will fit your needs. I'll shoot you an email tonight. Deal?

  2. I have a Chipper Jones old mill mini. Im looking for 09 A&G invention cards, or extinct creatures.