Sunday, March 14, 2010

Case Hit Conudrum!

Today I grabbed Jacoby and headed back out to the ol' card shop. Mom had surgery the other day and had her gall bladder removed, so there has been quite a bit of Daddy/Son time in the last several days. Today I wised up and had JD in his stroller though, as he has become quite tall and mobile and is starting to get a little grabby with loose card packs!

I cannot say enough about my new little shop. I have had INSANE luck with this store. I went in today trying to justify buying a jumbo of Topps Flagship. Part of me really wants an auto or another hat relic out of the set, and the allure of an SP or silk also sounded great. Unfortunately, the price on Jumbos has skyrocketed to ridiculous levels over the last several weeks and it immediately changed my mind.

There was another item that has been staring me down for the last several weeks. SP Legendary Cuts. This product absolutely blew me away last summer and I spent way too much on it. This is the one product where I really appreciate the hit cards...including relics, which I normally loathe. I think that the creativity put into this set is top-notch, and plus there is always the outside chance at a cut-auto. I pulled the trigger, and was not disappointed!

Bam! Right off the bat is Mr Papelbon. Just a plain white swatch, but the presentation is awesome. Very colorful and textured. Not a bad start.
Yes! I love classic players swatches. These have very nice images and my first Perry.

Stan the Man!

My fourth and final hit of the box is a dual-relic of Mike Schmidt and Chipper Jones. A couple top-notch hot-corner specialists. Normally Upper Deck pairs up random players, so this is a great pull.
All done, right? As I am finishing up my final four packs, absentmindedly sorting out the cardboard dummies and the 20th anniversary retrospective garbage, this shows up...

Holy smokes! An Upper Deck Mystery Cuts Exchange Card! One of these falls per case. It's like having a lottery ticket fall into my lap! Some of the possible names? Ruth, DiMaggio, Gehrig, Cobb, former presidents, actors, etc.
Awesome! If redeemed, this would be my first and only cut-auto. It could be Ruth, or it could be Mitch Williams....WHO KNOWS? What do I do? Redeem? Sell? Trade?


  1. Wow thats cool good luck redeem before Upper Deck goes Under...

  2. REDEEM! How many chances like this do you get.

  3. redeem quickly and what shop did you go to? In Portland?

  4. WOW!!! Congrats! I was loving the cards you already pulled (Musial especially) and then bam...

    I think you should redeem. These moments are rare. You earned this chance through your love and dedication to the hobby.

  5. I say redeem! Nice going dude!

  6. Redeem it! Good luck on the redemption!

  7. Initially I though redeem it, but why not toss it up on eBay with a high BIN/Best Offer for a few days and see if you get any offers; couldn't hurt right?

    I'm not a fan of cut autos, so any cash I got for it, no matter who it was, would be gravy.

  8. May as well redeem it. Is the Mystery Cuts 'set' different than the regular cut auto set? I didn't see Ruth on the 'regular' list. Then again, I don't know a whole lot about this set, so I could be wrong.

    But yeah, you bought the box trying to find a cut auto, and you got one, so why sell?

  9. redeem it and enjoy the cut auto; selling it on eBay will only lead you to buy more packs. You can always sell the auto later, but at least find out who it is. The mystery will always haunt you.

  10. REDEEM!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111