Thursday, March 18, 2010

Well now, that was an exciting day of college basketball, wasn't it. The first four days of the NCAA tournament are just hands-down one of the greatest creations of our times. Talk about a great way to pass some time at work and then lounge on the couch all evening as the network makes you dizzy switching between all the games. I want to give a big shout out to Washington for making me look smart, and then Texas for totally blowing chunks in the final minute of overtime. Thanks guys.

Of course the evening started out with a nice, little mystery envelope in the mailbox. This is actually the second in a week from I don't know...3rd base! The first package consisted of several of my needs for my zany quest for Toppstown GOLD! Several of those needs were knocked off the list.

The second package was a very thoughtful compilation. The year of the Tek and many other of my player wants were included in this package, many of which are variations that I needed! Here we go!
Nice! Jon Lester throwback and black variations from 2009 Topps. IMO a much nicer set than this years design and logo-fest. Needed both of these.

All aboard! Ticket to Stardom has entered the mailbox! This is decidedly one of Topps' lazier products from last year, but a great shot of Lil' Pony meaning all business.

Here is a couple more Lester's, including a Heroes card commemorating Lester's heroic return to the mound to finish off the Colorado Rockies in the World Series. I think he went up against "Dragon Slayer" or something like that. Lester was phenominal and has not looked back since.

Ah, Jacoby Ellsbury is a household staple. Oregon product.

And then of course the Year of the Tek additions. Here is Stardoms version...

As well as a white refractor of the Captain. I am still looking for the "sweet spot" on my scanner to capture how nice refractors and chromes really look, but have not found it yet.
The next card caught me completely off-guard...

Wow! A Jason Varitek UD Premier patch card numbered to 22! Patch cards are way cool, and the road jersey bits look fantastic. The coloring on this card is really much nicer than my scanner allows. This is a fantastic addition! Thank you so much!
Of course, the only thing that could top this is a product of the finest caliber...thus...

A Topps Finest 2009 Johnny Cueto rookie card! Again, scanner does not do it justice, but these finest cards really do pop. And I predict Cueto makes a big move this season. Of course I said that last year too.
Thanks again for the cards. I already have a couple in mind to send your way, just need to fill it out a bit. Enjoy Madness day two!

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