Monday, March 15, 2010

I want to believe!

Well, I don't know whether my "I want to go throw up" after my relic slap became a self-fulfilling prophecy, but that's exactly what I am doing today. You know you are sick when:
1) your skin has that dry, warm feel to it...but you can't sweat
2) you get that dull headache right above your eyes
3) you don't sleep well, but when you do, you have the wackiest dreams. Don't believe me? All night long I had A hip-hop-a-hibby-da-hibby Rappers Delight , then Wilson Phillips, then I dreamed I was smoking cigars with James Franco. There you have it. I'm sick.
After checking in on my last post though, I had to respond. I was pretty impressed with the passion of the answers, and you are right, how often do you get an opportunity like this. So to put speculation to bed (ahhhh, bed) I wanted to let everybody know that I did indeed go to (the site is still up!) and redeemed my mystery cut! In 12-16 weeks, though in my opinion, Upper Deck is general really fast about redemptions...we will know the answer.
Here is where it gets interesting. When you input the code, the description is simply "Athlete. Mystery Cuts 2009". This is extremely vague, but does tell me one is an athlete. Of the few postings on Ebay, they are all from 2008, and many of them posted are actors. This is hopeful.
I do gotta say though that it is a little...well....mysterious that even when you punch in the redemption code, that such a generic description pops up. So does each code correspond to a particular cut signature, or does Upper Deck have the liberty to send me either a Babe Ruth or a Ruth Ginsberg? A Mickey Mantle, or a Mickey Mouse? I want to believe that each code links to a specific cut, but only time will tell.
either way, it is going to be fun finding out, and as soon as I know something, I will pass it on to you! Thanks for the feedback. Off to nap now.


  1. You weren't dreaming. You, me, and Wilson Phillips got a little crazy last night.

  2. Maybe it's a Joe Jackson cut signature. Now THAT would be cool.

  3. Maybe it's a cut signature of a cut signature.