Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Well, things are on the mend out here in Oregon. I now can safely eat a meal (a small meal) and not suffer excruciating stomach pain as a consequence. I am still home today, slowly getting some calories and energy back into my body. This gives me an opportunity to send out thanks for a recent package from Joe at Priceless Pursuit.

One of the results of the great Topps O Cuffs Rip Off was the slap heard round the world. Three to go there. A lesser known result was that Joe was able to complete an entire base set with his two hobby boxes. Me? I was roughly 40 cards short! Talk about adding injury to insult. Well I have now worked it down to TWO cards, thanks to these couple...

VERY NICE. Joe mentioned there was a card he was sending that I would do an Ozzie Smith back flip over. This is a beauty.

This one...not so much. Go Padres.

So basically that leaves me missing TWO base cards (293 and 300) does anybody have these two cards?

Next Joe sent along a slew of 2008 Masterpieces to round out my collection. I am still a few short there... (3,10,52,73) Also, shortprints I HAVE are 91,98,100,106,109,116. If anybody can help me finish this set up, please let me know!

here are some more gems that Joe sent my way. This is the result of trying to space the cards so you get a separate scan of each in one scan. Whoops, back to the drawing board...

Manny Ramirez Prospect card! Tommy Hanson Relic! Whaaa? Yeah, I like relics if I like the player, but since I don't like about 98% of all players (nothing personal) then relics mostly lag. Then also a nice Lester and Dice-K Topps Unique.

Oh, I almost forgot. Joe also included a few Toppstown Golds in his package. In what surely is the least desirable set to chase of the entire season, I am getting close! Still looking for golds of David Wright, Josh Hamilton, Zach Grienke, Ryan Howard, Albert Pujols, Kevin Youkilis, Andrew McCutchen and Ryan Braun. I would be happy to make a trade with you for these golden gems.

Also, I have not idea what is up with these, but do TTT26-30 even exist? I have yet to hear of a Suzuki, Lee, Votto, Alexei Ramirez, or Sizemore TTT. I assumed one per each MLB team, so what gives? Has Topps actually shortprinted Ticket to Toppstown??
Thanks again to Joe, and thank you to anybody who might be able to help me knock out a few of my set needs. Let me know what I can send in return!


  1. I KNOW I have the '92 Topps Manny somewhere, but I couldn't find it. Figured the UD was the next best thing. Gotta love the Padres card celebrating who-knows-what. I don't remember them having much to celebrate in 09.

    That Sox card makes me sick.

  2. I have #293 and the Gold Topps Town McCutuchen for you. Email me your address because I suck at keeping track of them.