Saturday, November 7, 2009

This week I noticed several postings about our good friends at Topps and their sorely lacking redemption program that is starting to cause some serious angst among some of you.

My personal thoughts on the deal is that redemptions are stupid and that nobody wants to eagerly open their "hit" pack to realize that there is nothing but a card inside that needs to be registered for the outside chance that some day might turn into a physical card for your collection. I know that I have several cards that, even though the Topps website say have been shipped, have not even come close to making it to my mailbox yet. Apparently it takes 6-8 weeks*. Then there is this little thing called the Ginter prize, but judging with what happened with the Cat Osterman autograph cards this week, it appears that Topps IS literally running door-to-door trying to get cards signed.

So, ironically this week I received a redemption card from Upper Deck...

This is a 2008 Sweet Spot came courtesy of a pack purchased a couple months back. For one, I kept forgetting that I had the redemption card because it was rather plain looking, but for the other, for some reason the Upper Deck website hates me and would not send me my log-in info.
I turned to my good buddy Joe to see if he could enter it for me. Sure enough he entered the card number and scheduled to have it sent to my house. You want to know how long it took? Less than two weeks. I was very impressed. I don't really know who this guy is, but he has a dope pair of shades and a nice auto.
Over the next several days I am going to have two recurring themes, Sweet Spot 2009 and Orioles. Stay tuned for more.


  1. Just wait until I unveil what I pulled from a pack of 2009 Sweet Spot... or, well, you don't have to wait since I already emailed you about it.

  2. Hmmmm... Sweet Spot and Orioles? The plot thickens...

    I call dibs!

  3. well, I bought a lot of sweet spot and got a bunch of mostly nothings. the sweet spot oriole is the one I just posted about.