Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Oh yeah! This is how you cut down on card spending my friends, get yourself a little MW2 and watch the hours melt away! My buddy just dropped off my copy tonight, so I am going to make this pretty brief so I can jump online and get slaughtered by 10-year olds!

I have a lot of Sweet Spots to share with you. I went bananas and bought 7, yes 7 packs of the stuff. Lets just say that the results were pretty underwhelming to say the least, but a random pack of 2007 cosigners jumped out at me and paid a nice little dividend, so that eased the pain a bit. I will share all the results soon, but for now I thought I would share a couple eBay purchases that I got on the cheap...
2009 Updates and Highlights Mat Gamel Rookie auto. I have wanted a Gamel since I caught wind of the guy last spring, was hoping to snag one out of Topps Chrome, but instead I found a career quest that went unnoticed by many online. I still think all of these Topps hits look beautiful, and they really have a good sense of color to match the sticker auto. This is definitely a stunner.
Next up, I DID cheat and buy a Sweet Spot online...

Chad Billingsley. A quasi-pitching phenom that I got a good deal on. Scan is a little blurry, but a cool card none the less to put away in the ol shoebox. NONE of my other 7 packs came close to a Sweet Spot hit, but stay tuned if you are a fan of swatches, because I will have several up for trade. I will scan them in when I get a moment, but for now it is off to do some combat!


  1. We're waiting.....just don't get too slaughtered by those 10 year olds.

  2. I like swatches, so I'll stay tuned.

    As for Gamel, I was at Brewers spring training this past March and he was a pretty active signer. Of course, I hadn't done my research and his name didn't come to mind so I put one of the baseballs I had in my pocket and just politely smiled as he walked by. Doh!! The lesson there is to bring other things to get signed at spring training besides ONE baseball. I didn't want Gamel to sign it in case I came across someone else... I also passed on Buster Posey.

    Your Sweet Spot luck is horrible this year. Leave all the mega hits to us southern California folk and pass the winter doing something else.

  3. If you need a freind in combat look me up on live. I got the same name there as I do here.

  4. You've got some pretty sweet stuff there.