Monday, November 16, 2009

My First Cut Auto(s)?

Hi everybody, sorry it has been so long since my last post, but I am entering the homestretch of my project (about 75 pages in) and will be presenting in front of the faculty on December 7th, so yes! there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel!

BUT, I need to keep posting, I have had a bit of luck lately with products not named Sweet Spot (I will get those relics posted soon, I think), but I did happen to snag one measly pack of 2007 Topps Co-signers to go with the four really measly packs of sweet spot. Well, I have to say, I am glad that I opened this one up last because inside...

WOW! This is officially my first dual-auto. I am still holding out for the dual-auto relic that I have heard so much about but never seen one (not on eBay anyways). So here is an excellent little number for Jacoby's treasure box. One cool feature about this card is that the sticker autos are actually cut into the card with a plastic seal over the top, so in a way I guess it is a cut autograph card. I like both Roberts and Markakis, and getting them on one card was extremely lucky and made up for the horrible luck on Sweet Spot.

More posts to come as time allows.

Your Google fact of the...(good lord, HOW long has it been since I last posted??)...anyways...I am thrilled that Google is pairing up with Verizon with a product called Droid, you have probably seen the ads during football. The great thing about this pairing is that 1) it gives competition to Iphone, which means lower prices to you AT&T fans, and lower prices to Verizon fans looking for a cool phone with cool apps. Google plans on creating DOUBLE the iPhone apps, which is already a ridiculously absurd ammt. Also, Google releases most of its products for cheap or free because of all the advertising revenue they gain from their search engine....meaning that the Droid is going to be dank.


  1. iPhone really isn't that expensive If you're upgrade eligible. Believe me, my wife would not have gotten one for me if they were! Refurbs are $50, and they start at $100 new. Of course, that's for just the "regular" 3G, and not the 3GS, but most people probably don't need it anyway.

    Guess I've just never understood the hate directed towards iPhone, it's no more expensive than a blackberry.

  2. I have that very same card... well maybe not the same, isnt it serial numbered? Anyways, Roberts and Markakis are awesome, but I think I could be biased....

  3. hmm, I will have to look closer, I did not notice a serial number though.