Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hurray for Timmy, Boo for Me!

Congratulations to Tim "Garcia" Lincecum for winning back-to-back Cy-Young awards! No, I dont own this card, in fact I don't even have a single swooping "TL" signature in my collection. It has been my bain, my most hunted, sought after treasure. I have opened box after box of Sweet Spots (turns out I was opening the wrong year!), I have scoured ebay and made generous offers, and came within 2 seconds before ebay kindly informed me that I got outbid. Scavengers!

So alas, I continue to wait and hope that someday fate will place a Tim Lincecum auto in my hands. Until that day I think that the closest I will get is to play MLB 2009 and actually BE Tim Lincecum and mow down the batters with my ridiculous, cartoonish pitching motion.

I any of you spot a Lincecum for a reasonable price, or have one they would like to trade, please let me know and I will try my best to conjure up something worthy in return!


  1. You could always just wait until he blows his arm out and he has nothing better to do than sign TTM... that's what Mark Prior does.