Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ebay Treasures

A quick post-post Google recommendations and before bed (make any sense?)

Anyways, I got a couple envelopes in the mail, including a surprise package containing my first official 1/1 card...but that is another story for another day.

Tonight I received a couple of eBay treasures that I thought I would share with you. While it is certainly more fun to pull a dual-auto out of a random pack of cards like, sometimes I like to create my own luck. Plus when I am busy typing out a report, it is about the only card shopping I can do. I am very proud to add both of these to Jacoby's treasure box.

YO! I was pretty mad at myself for forgetting to check in on a Topps Career Best card of Yovani that I could have had for less than 5 bucks, so after several days of searching I land on an exquisite /#20 First Signs of Mr Gallardo. This is my first official Gallardo auto, and also my first exquisite auto. It is on that nice thick sweet spot-like card stock and it pretty swanky lookin. Apparently the card is also sponsored by Nike.
Doin a little prospecting here! I decided to jump on a /#10 Dexter Fowler SP Authentic Gold card. This one went by fairly unnoticed and I got a killer deal on it, so either it was off the radar, or Dexter has already been booted back to AA ball. I am willing to take that chance though and best that Dex hits some moon balls out of that trampoline of a stadium known as Yankee...I mean Coors Field. This card has a beautiful front and back design and a bit of refractor in the lettering and numbering of the card.
Well off to sleep, G'nite!

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  1. I envy your Yo! I might have to take a look around for another one of his autos.

    I ended up grabbing the Gamel and Yo Goudey Graphs off ebay recently. Very happy with the price paid on both, and it looks like you did well for yourself too!