Sunday, November 1, 2009

This Post Brought To You By The Letter "H"

H as in Ricky Romero, that is!

I have always wanted a letterman patch. After scouring the Bay for several days and watching a ton of Ricky Romero's go for upwards of 20 bones, I found this little guy unattended at 99 cents. I popped in $1.04 and went to take a nap and was shocked to wake up and see that the bid held up.

So I am now the proud owner of...the letter H?

There are several cool traits about this card. Firstly, the auto is Top notch, Ricky really puts some effort into his Herbie Hancock, so it looks stellar in silver ink. Also, this card offers WAY more swatch than most relic cards. is SP Authentic, which if you have been following, I cannot buy single packs from Crankys shop because it is too easy to tell which have the hits in them! Well, I have to give him that one since this card is rather thick, but believe me, Upper Deck is no fool and will go to no ends to throw bucks pieces of cardboard in there to throw off searchers, so really, unless cranky really lets people manhandle the packs, I would say these hits are fairly safe.
I was a little disappointed that the back of the card did not reveal what exactly the H is part of. I know that Upper Deck will use nicknames, but I have no idea what his is. Also, whats up with the yellow patch? Odd, but original, and thats the kind of stuff that I want for Jacoby's "some day down the road box, so this is perfect. And a rookie signature to boot. A cool, cool card that I am very happy to have.


  1. The 'H' is a manufactured patch that spells out 'SP Authentic'. All the rookies spell that out, while vets get their names.

  2. yep... hate to break it to you but that little word in the box "sp authentic" is seriously what the card spells out... not sure if that is the lamest thing ever or not, but it comes close

  3. yeah, what the heck goes were they thinking? They should have their license pulled! Oh well, It is still a rookie auto to me, with a nice little story attached!

  4. I got one of these, also an H, with the intentions of sending it to you. Then I saw you got one already..... *sigh* oh well...I tried.
    Back to the drawing board. At least i know a couple others I can trade it to ;)