Thursday, November 5, 2009

State of the Blog Address

Hey Y'all,

No, I am not quitting blogging or collecting (I know that half the time thats what people expect when they see a title like this). I just felt it was time to blog SOMETHING to let you know that I am still out here. I know that I throw up a short blog with a few cards, but I will be the first to admit that the quality of material is sorely lacking because my mind is so scrambled focusing on school that I can't think of anything witty to say about my cards.

I am now about 65 pages into my final paper about Google, and have about 4 weeks left from finishing the paper, to creating a PowerPoint, to presenting my findings in front of an educational board (yikes). Really though, I think that part of it is mostly a ceremonial pat on the back and send me on my way. The whole thing is only about 20 minutes long. Then its PARTY TIME.

First stop, Hawaii. Depending on scheduling it may work out that we leave the next day after I give my presentation. I am nervous about Hawaii only that every time I have ever been mega-stressed and then suddenly let my guard down, thats when I get sick, so I gotta make sure that I don't feel too much relief after my presentation. Gotta stay nervous :)

Then what? WELL, there is this little game coming out next week called Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 that is going to take up a vast majority of my evenings, AND I will get a chance to do some more blogging as well as deciding what to collect next. I am actually having a good time scouring ebay for some nuggets, the thrill of the hunt. I have to say that Ebay has really opened my eyes to how lacking some of the autographs and hits are in these products that are currently out. Hint: SP Authentic, not a lot of star-power on those hits.

Jury is still out on high numbers, though I am flirting with the idea of getting a couple boxes for ol time rippin sake. I have a source that will help me fill in all the holes, so I am not concerned about getting all 220, but we'll see what I can muster. I guess if I want pre-sell price I better get shaking, there is good gum at stake.

Also, one more quick thing. I know that I have had some conversations with a few of you about some cards or relics I want to send your way...I am still going to give em to ya, but just hang tight for a little longer until I get through the muck.

If I could please ask one quick favor of all my readers whom I have traded with in the past...if you are still here and still reading, can you please shoot me an email with your mailing addresses attached? I have been trying forever to create an easy access spreadsheet that will help me get more envelopes in the mail more often. If you could also just include your collecting interests. Getting organized!

Have a great day! Don't let redemptions get ya down!


  1. just four weeks away from becoming Master Mike! Good show my friend! I am trying to do the same thing with addresses... Everytime I want to ship a package I have to sort through 6000 emails trying to find someones address-having a data base will definitely help... Good luck and glad yer not quitting the blog!

  2. What are you getting call of duty for? Xbox or PS3. I'm getting it too but I don't know which to go with. If I have the chance of fragging with a fellow blogger it might help me in my decision making process. That sounded kinda dirty.

  3. xbox360. always looking for more people to take a bullet for me :)

  4. Thanks for the heads-up. Just so you know - I love your blog.