Sunday, November 1, 2009

Surprise Package of Moonshine!

On a whim, I sent out some surpise packages over the last couple of weeks. I actually still have more to send, but I am dealing with a severe shortage of free time for about 5 more weeks, but keep your eyes peeled for some brown packages! I sent a package to Brian in Texas. Brian is big up on the Rangers, and I had a few in stock, so away they went. It was a nice surprise to see an envelope stuffed in my tiny mailbox this afternoon, and the contents were spectacular, so I thought I would share...

I think it is fantastic the response I have had to my SP Authentic woes. I am starting to receive some of these in the mail. These cards are really great looking, and then ones in this package are definitely top-notch, including the two Gallardo's above. The second card cracks me up because it draws the fact that Gallardo went winless in four starts BUT struck out 20 guys doing it. Kinda reminds me of those commercials with Prince Fielder and Dan Haren where a kid points out a bad stat about the guy, but makes up for it with a good stat. That is this card.

Best freakin Lincecum crazy pitching form card ever.

I guess if there were a man-crush (I hate that term, by the way) it would be for Tommy Hanson. Not only are these Hanson cards sweet, but that's one less Turkey Red on my needs list, so thank you!

Brian threw in a nice McCutchen chrome. Wonder where he will be in five years?

And here is the best of the rest. All great cards. Much appreciated for the surprise and the great phenom cards!

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  1. I pulled both of those Gallardo cards in the same pack and immediately knew where they were going. Glad to help out with the phenoms collection.