Sunday, October 18, 2009

Shootin Turkeys

As mentioned many many times before, the main reason that I am even dabbling in Updates and Highlights at all is the fact that I love Short Prints of classic players (already nabbed one of those) and I absolutely love Turkey Reds. I am happy to report that the chase is officially under way and out of 12 packs I got four TR's...and some pretty nice ones at that.

Rick Porcello. Definitely worth keeping an eye out for in the future. He had a great season with Detroit and almost...ALMOST took his team into the playoffs.

Jake Peavy...In Pale Hose gear! I will have to look back to see if he is one of the original 100 cards, but another snazzy pitcher to cross off my list.

Speaking of White Sox, Mr Gordan Beckam. I also pulled his actual rookie card. unfortunately it had a ding in the right corner. Normally I would consider asking for a replacement, but who are we kidding, just because it has that little symbol in the corner, does not make it a true rookie card.

And finally Mr David Price. Yet another borderline phenom.
Man, I love these cards. Please let me know if you find any that you are willing to send this way!


  1. WOW! those are sweet. I am super jealous :)

  2. ME too! Jealous that is. Those are all nice, but I am drooling over the card of the borderline phenom David Price in particular! I have a hobby box on its way and I am not chasing Turkeys and I owe you, so I can probably chip in a few...

  3. sounds great! spread the word on the birds!