Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What I done learned in the news today!

Well, so much for the rally monkey, eh? I am for hire if anybody ever needs me to curse their team for them!

So as part of my glorious job, I read the newspapers from major publications. Here is the two little tidbits that I found interesting today.

1). So apparently Manny Ramirez was already in the showers when the Phillies made their 9th inning comeback last week. Manny Cleaning Manny? Of course Joe Torre is going to play it down, and actually described it as a "show of faith in Broxton" by NOT being in the dugout during the 9th inning.

2). Hurray for the Mets! The owners apparently got in the Bernie Madoff scheme, and actually MADE money from the deal! That, my friends, is what you call an outlier. Maybe Mr. Met will get a raise next year.

Well, as reported earlier, Mr Tommy Hanson is sprouting like a weed on Ebay this week, apparently having signed about a billion little shiny stickers in the Updates and Highlights sets. I found an unsuspecting low-pricer "buy it now" and jumped on it Leon Lett in a snowstorm and it will be headed to Oregon soon.

When perusing Ebay today for my next impulse purchase I stumbled across this.

Definitely an interesting patch card to say the least. I am a bit curious on the serial numbering on it though. So, by my powers of deduction, I have determined that the E comes from "RED SOX". if each letter represents a serial number, then RED SOX would have 6 letters, thus cannot be evenly divided into 50. You would literally have 8.33 jerseys used to make these patches. Even more unlikely is that there are 50 of each letter available...but I find it staggering that Topps would be able to obtain 50 Babe Ruth worn jerseys to make little baseball cards out of.

So then basically it is possible to have obtained 50 random Red Sox jerseys to make these patches, but then is it really right to slap Babe Ruths image on the card? There is already a bid of $9.99 on much would you pay for a random swatch?


  1. 10 bucks would be a steal for that Ruth card, but my guess its a manufactured patch and not part of an actual Babe jersey. I looked at the listing before I finished reading and I was counting to myself, too. Manny cleaning Manny made me laugh... I don't think he had little faith in Broxton, he just didn't want to show off his shrunken ping pong balls in the shower!

  2. Yep, sorry man. It is a manufactured patch and EACH LETTER is numbered to 50. What's worse, the Tigers (Ty Cobb) version in this series spells out "DETROIT TIGERS", meaning that there are 150 Ts, 100 Is and Es out there. Oh, and they still go for at least 10 bucks each. Guess what insert set I won't be collecting...