Monday, October 19, 2009

A Red Sox Friendly Hobby Box

Ultimately, my impulse purchase over the weekend helped me learn to change my collecting ways, but I certainly don't regret the purchase of the hobby box. It was definitely Red Sox Friendly, right up until the last surprise (which is at the end of the post...thus being "last"). Here are a few highlights.

This first card was actually the bonus rookie refractor that came in a separate foil pouch. Part of me wanted to throw that pouch up on Ebay just to see how crazy people would get for a potential rip roarin rookie like Hanson, Beckham, or McCutchen. NAH! Lets just open this baby up!

Josh Reddick, giving his best Mr. T/Uncle Sam pose. Seriously though, if there is one rookie that is able to get away with looking so smug it is Reddick, who came up to the bigs crackin the bat with his razor sharp goggles. He played some time out in right field while the ever-ailing JD Drew ever-healed (seriously, when is the last time that the Red Sox had a healthy right-fielder)? I think Reddick is going to explode onto the scene next year and stick for good. This is a nice smooth and clean refractor, although the image does it no justice. I wish I knew how to scan refractors properly.

On to the Jacoby's! Toppstown returns in Updates and highlights with both Gold and Blue Toppstown cards. I have a bunch of these available if you have a particular player you are hunting for, give me a shout. Most are blue, but I have a couple golds.
Ellsbury can do no wrong. Another amazing season full of amazing steals and amazing diving catches and a plethora of doubles and triples. Maybe if I go to Topps and bring him to life, I can finally get an Ellsbury auto! :)

This card is fantastic. What a great memory and highlight of the season, when Jacoby stole home against the hated New York Yankees. It has been ages since I have ever seen a steal of home, and definitely never seen one live. The foundation shook at Fenway and Chowdaheads produced the "Jacoby Stole my Heart" shirt that my wife immediately purchased. Cool, cool card.
Oh yeah, one of my hopes of dropping for a hobby box was to pull another short print. I love the classic player cards that Topps is putting out. I have the Babe from the series one, the Jackie Robinson from Series 1, and Obama from Series one. Wade Boggs showed up the other night in my random pack rip and then my big reward for snagging a hobby box?

Tris Speaker! This is just a classy, classy card. I love the look of it and Mr Speaker will be headed straight for the top loader!
I have more to share from this box, including the main advertised box hit, but that is another post for another day!

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  1. That was a Red Sox friendly box!! I wish I had an Ellsbury auto...I'd have it in the mail tomorrow! Good luck getting one.