Thursday, October 22, 2009

Megan Fox was in Transformers???

Hey, Mike back here. Okay, just another quick post for ya. Do you remember a few months back when I wrote about a horrible Red Sox loss and a horrible movie all in the same night? Yep, Transformers 2 baby!

The only reason that I bring this up is because I use yahoo mail to correspond with all of you and right now every time you are in yahoo there is a nice netflix ad with a nice lil photo of megan fox, desperately clinging to a sandstone post, out of breath, flustered, and low-ridin a pick tanktop. No I will not post the image here since this (might) be a family-friendly blog...I just thought it was funny that the marketers of Transformers realize how horrible the movie was, and go straight for the eye-candy to make you run out and rent or buy the also makes you want to send more email :)

Actually I probably WILL see Transformers 2 again, but not necessarily to see Megan Fox in a low slung tanktop, but because my buddy has a pimped out bose home theatre and the wife and kid will be out of town. SICK.

Well, off to yahoo!

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  1. Good sound systems make any movie better.

    See ya!