Saturday, October 17, 2009

Like a Warm Blanket

After several excruciating hours at the library (Google Fact of the Day: Google experience 7% earnings for Q3 of 2009, according to the 10Q released October 15th), I decided to head on over to the hobby shop to take a look around. I had head some incredible reviews for Upper Deck SP Authentic and thought I would try to snag a pack or two.

I was feeling a bit sassy after cramming all morning and most of the afternoon, so I dug into the owner after he told me that they HAVE the product, but won't sell single packs of it because it is too easy for people to pack search. Went something like this:

"I thought you guys did not allow pack searching"
"We don't, thats why we keep them behind the counter"
"Well then why don't you sell single packs"
"Because when we hold out the box for people to pick packs, then people grab one, feel it, and throw it back in and don't want it".
"Why would you allow them to do that?"
"It just happens"
"OKAY, so how much is an entire box then?"

At this point I decided to laugh out loud. He got defensive and said that it was MSRP, which is total lie considering the wholesalers out there. Besides, if those packs were so easy to seach, I absolutely believe that the owners will poach the good stuff anyways.

That madness aside, I decided to snag 12 packs of Topps Updates and Highlights for a couple of reasons. 1) they are a reasonable 2 bucks a pack, 2) the grouch gives 6 packs for 10 bucks, 3) these packs contain TURKEY REDS!.

I really don't care to collect this entire set. I actually don't really care too much about snagging the one relic or auto per box either. If it happens that is cool, but really, if I can snag some Red Sox, phenoms, Turkey Reds, and most importantly, the old-school SP's, then I will be a happy camper. Hey, the price is right.

So I ripped em all tonight and had a blast! Remember that this was my first product and I really fell in love with the unpredictability of the packs. A little bit of everything, and this rip did not disappoint. I can definitely see myself being content purchasing a few cheap packs from time to time. Most of these cards I am more than happy to send out to you guys, so keep an eye on your mailbox.

In the meantime, I will give a little teaser on some of the treasures I pulled tonight:



  1. Easy to pack search SP Authentic... hmmm... hope thats not going on in my shop! I purchased one pack and didnt get anything, but the fillers are so think I don't know how someone would know the difference! So far I've had decent enough luck at my shop on most packs I've purchased so I have no reason to believe there's any searching going on...

  2. $119.95! Steep! I'm thinking about picking up a few of those packs but if the box is that price, wonder how much I'll get ripped for a some single packs