Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Impulse Purchase

Last week I had a pretty lousy week at work. I decided that I wanted to stop by the card shop, spend more money than I really should, and get myself something nice with maybe a few nice hits. I am a big fan of Sweet Spot and its cool autos on baseballs etc, and was all set to spend 60 bucks to fulfill my "rule of three" on Sweet Spot. Unfortunately they were out. My eyes drifted over to the even more expensive Ballpark. I saw two boxes left and had visions of pulling a nice rookie auto that would look good in my new shiny hard case shoebox. It was not until later that I realized that this is one perplexing product that I swore to avoid because the relics made no sense. Well, I was a little late in that realization, so now I have two packs of strange relics to share. Was there an auto? Of course not. That would be too easy. Were there Yankees? Does a the woods? Here is what we have...

Serial numbered base cards of Wright and Beckett. Why they are serial numbered who the heck knows, but at least a red sox showed up. On to the crazy relics.

Melvin Mora and Carlos Guillen #/390. Connection? Apparently third base, though I thought Inge took over that spot this season. Don't follow the Tigers much, so you tell me.

Magglio and Ramirez. /#350. Connection? You tell me.

Here is a quad swatch of up and comers. this card makes sense...kinda, since they are all pitchers and everybody minus carmona had a pretty decent year. Fits my collection needs.

Stat kings Kinsler, Cabrera, Lee and Hermida /#500. Connection? Beats me.

Here is where it gets interesting. This is a two-sided swatch that comes with a seperate COA. Here we have a /#200 Lester, Manny, and Dice K...will there be more Red Sox studs on the back?

Uh....nope. How about Wang Chung, Joba the Hutt, and Robby Canooooooo. What an ODD ODD card this is. Oh...notice the sticker to the left. The same serial number is on the COA card. WHY place an additional sticker on the relic? Ask UD

This card actually DOES make sense and is by far my favorite of the bunch. Here you have current Marlins Ramirez, Johnson, Hermida, and Uggla...

Followed by World Champions AJ Burness, Josh Beckett, Mikey Lowell and Josh Willingham. this card is pretty rockin.
All in all though I F'd up buying these. They were impulse but in reality they are pretty nice relics. Really blocks...they just dont make a lot of sense, but then again neither do autographs of bareback horseriding champions either, so all in all not a bad lot of cards. The first four relics are on the market if interested, but I think The Sox/Yanks and Marlins are going to hang out with me for awhile.
Night Y'all


  1. You know I want the Kinsler relic card...even though I'm not sure why...maybe because I don't haven any and won't buy any of those. I'll send you an offer via email.

  2. I'm mildly interested in the Mora. Please let me know what you want for it.

  3. The sticker serial numbering on the cards is hideous! I suppose there are worse things you could've spent the money on. I, too, find myself spending more than I want at the card shop all the time, especially when they don't have what I went in for. And the shopowner couldn't be LESS hands-off!

  4. I wish I had bought these packs, getting three different relics with Tigers on them would have made my day. As for the Guillen relic I have no idea why he is paired with Mora since Guillen hasn't played 3B since early May 2008!!! He hasn't even played in the infield since then, he has been primarily an OF or DH. That is just pure lazyiness on Upper Deck's part and inexcuseable for such a high end product.

  5. ooooh, i need that cano six swatch for PC. oh yeah, you're a boston fan but are you still able to part with it? i think you know my email but i want to make sure: