Monday, October 12, 2009

Where I've been!

Hey everybody! This is going to be a very troll-like post with no photos or shiny cards to look at. I will tell you that I did make a total impulse purchase last Friday, but I am going to save that for the next post. Why wait? Oh my scanner is not loaded on the computer yet...wait, didn't I already have my scanner loaded on this computer? Hmm, interesting indeed.

So here's the story. So last week at work was probably one of the worst in the history of weeks. It just wore me out completely, balancing life and school on top of an full days work in a crazy environment.

Time to get out of wife and I have had plans to go up to Seattle for the weekend to go watch the Seahawks play and to play around in Seattle without the kid for a couple days. Almost did not happen. For some reason Friday night I felt awful...most likely just complete weariness from the work week. I was laying in bed just shivering cold.

Then Jacoby woke up.

He was screaming at the top of his lungs and his nose was all red and he was snuffly. Wife took him out to the sofa and slept with him for a few hours...I lay in bed shivering.

Middle of the night rolled around and stacy made it to bed, by this time I was completely sweating, so whatever was wrong with me I burned it out of my system. We'll see how Jacoby feels in the morning.

Jacoby slept the rest of the night and felt better, so the trip was on! grab your seahawks blue (or green) and time to head up I-5.

First stop is a burger joint up in Seattle called Dicks Drive-In. It's an old-school 50's drive in where you order your food at the window and go eat in the car. We have been trying to go for three years and finally made it to Dicks. I ordered a couple cheeseburgers and fries. I think my wife built the place up WAY too much, but it's kinda the equivalent of an in-and-out burger. It also gave me plenty of opportunity to crack dirty jokes.

Off to the hotel. We got a great deal on a room with a beautiful view of Seattle, 18th floor (one from the top). First thing I did? Took a 2 hour nap. Did I mention how spread thin I feel getting through this Capstone? I am dying! I could have slept another 2 hours easy, but it was time to wander up the street to the largest Macy's on earth and make fun of clothing with the wife. Seriously, I don't think that there was one floor of Macy's that did not have cheetah print on it. Or 80's style...or cheetah 80's style. It was nuts.

Then we found a nice little bar up the street and got a couple drinks. The fun part about being on blood thinners for the rest of my life? Lightweight! One double Sapphire and tonic and I was rollin!

We went out to a nice dinner on elliot bay. I had chowder, salad, and a pound of clams. Then a nice dark cherry and chocolate cake. Came back to the hotel, hit the hot tub (another highlight, I LOVE hottubs), and then hit the hay for another 10 hours. Seriously. I could have slept for three more.

But time to go watch some NFL! Believe it or not, this was the only negative of the trip. Seahawks won 41-0, which was good. The problem is that since the game was a blowout, fans were drinkin...a lot....a ton. Result. At halftime my wife and I saw one dude with a big bloody lip, and then third quarter the real fireworks began. There was another fight - RIGHT IN FRONT OF US. Literally the next row forward, a dude was headed for the aisle and apparently brushed the girlfriend of another dude. He took acception to this and shoved the first dude in the back. The stare down began. The words were exchanged. More staring and the WHAMMO, the two go spilling into the aisle. One problem though. The girl in question got thrown in between them during the skirmish. Guess who got punched? Yep, the girl. Two bloody nostrils, my guess is the broke her nose.

Security came and hauled all the hoodlums away and while the mood was incredibly tense, the seahawks broke the tension with a 72 yard fumble recovery for a touchdown. Crowd goes nuts.

So now the seahawks are just running the ball every down...and they really suck at running, so we decide to get a jump on 70,000 people to head to our cars. We say the fighters on the way down the ramp, surrounded by alcohol police. What a shocker!

So ultimately when leaving a sporting event, you get in a jam of people and are herded like cattle for a few blocks before the crowds break up. Just our luck we get stuck right in front of ANOTHER bunch of drunk dudes. I turn around and every one of them looks like the washed up college flunkee with bulging eyes and heads and alcohol coming out of every pore. So these guys are just giving it to anybody who will listen. Drop F bombs (amongst other derogatory terms). They spot an older couple wearing Washington Husky gear and are JUST RELENTLESS. We are talking about a couple in there 50's...really classy guy. I mean for gods sake, we are in Seattle after all...home of the Washington Huskies. Get a life. The funny part though? Turns out these dudes were students at WSU. Cougar country baby! Yeah...I wouldn't be making too much fun of the Huskies when you support a program that is arguably THE WORST IN THE NATION.

Anyways, the whole point of the rant was that NFL games (at least this one) just seem to be getting out of control. From the Obama interuption, to Kanye West jumping on stage, to this, it just seems that people do whatever the hell they want, whenever they want, and ignore any rules of politeness. I don't think my wife will ever want to go to another football game ever again. And to think we were thinking of taking Jacoby some day.

Soooooooo. I come home, and have exactly 4 hours to complete my section of my paper and submit it online? Guess what? Computer crashed! No online, no nothing. After 5 reboots I am allowed to access Word and work on my paper, but any of my online references were inaccessible and I could not turn in the paper before midnight anyways. It was a crap effort to say the least.

Today roles around and I decide to bag work because I still don't feel great, and I REALLY dont feel great about the computer. I call Geeks a Knockin and within an hour I have a geek at my door, ready to fix my computer. After two hours of working on it, the prognosis is bad, and I get the unfortunate news that I need to fresh boot the entire system...meaning EVERYTHING MUST GO! Goes back to factory restart.

My wife has a ton of photos of jacoby on the computer. Death to me if those ever vanish, so I rush out to Office Max and purchase a 16GB flash drive and load it up with everything that I can think of. A lifeboat of sorts. Oh, for the record, I spent 99 bucks for the guy to tell me to reset the computer and another 40 bucks for the 16GB flashdrive (which was actually a good deal).

The paper? Oh yeah, so I bolt into a library and try THREE computers before the darn computer recognized my thumb drive. Paper submitted. Phew! Wrote apology to professor, hope I don't get marked down.

SO....All things seem to be back up and running. I need to reinstall the scanner and will do so tomorrow so I can share my ridiculous impulse purchase with you.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, for those of you that wondered about my little surgery last called today and turns out the polup is benign, so all clear there!

Well, in the middle of comedy Monday (I refuse to watch Accidentally on Purpose but need to jump back in for Two and a Half Men soon). I leave you with this little nugget from "How I Met Your Mother" which was ridiculously funny tonight.

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  1. WHOA! What a story! As for the completely loutish behavior shown by so many at sporting events, at least baseball is a little better, usually, than football in that regard.

  2. Ok I need a nap after that whirlwind of a post! Hope you're all the way better and that is good news on the polyp.

  3. Ya know, I think the same thing at Chargers games: I could never bring my kid to one. The people are out of control. I mean, I get it - tailgating, beer, it's all good. But people generally aren't like that at baseball games, or even college football games! And I could actually, MAYBE, understand it at a college game. What is it about the NFL that makes people go insane??? My wife and I traveled to Nebraska last year for the VaTech-Nebraska game, and we couldn't have been treated better in what should've been hostile territory for us. And this was even before the game!! Crazy.

    Anyhow... glad you're polyp was benign, can't wait to see your impulse purchase. I bet it was Heroes, wasn't it? Knew it... Or maybe a tin of Sweet Spot?!?! That'd be fun to open vicariously. As for pictures - I always load "good" ones onto either Snapfish or Kodak Gallery, so they're always store in a second location. I suppose once the kid comes and pics/videos become that much more important I'll spring for a portable hard drive.

  4. baseball is completely different. We can walk around in red sox gear and nobody cares. Mellow group.

  5. Glad to read your healthy, Wow what an experience, makes me glad I am only into baseball.