Thursday, August 26, 2010

Taking a DMB weekend

Tomorrow, my wife and I will be taking a parenting break from our budding prodigy JD, and are hopping a short flight down to San Jose to catch the Dave Matthews Band in concert at the Shoreline Amphitheatre on Saturday night. This is actually a birthday present from my wife's May birthday that I actually had to purchase online back in March. So having to keep the present a secret for three months, and THEN have to wait nearly another three months to actually attend the show has been a brutal wait.

As well, our plans to spend the entire day at the hotel pool soaking up that warm, California sun may seem to be on hold since (after near-record setting heat) the temps are expected to be in the mid 60's all weekend :(. Oh well, maybe they have a hot tub.

Either way, I refuse to let the weather get me down and I am jacked to go to another DMB concert. The best part of a live DMB concert are the crazy, original, and unscripted jam sessions that break out every show.

One of the best jammers, in my opinion, is Boyd Tinsley (above). Watching this dude fiddle will absolutely blow you away. Dude has MASSIVE arms and when you see him rocking out on that fiddle you will understand why. Just an absolute master at his craft.

Combined with an excellent album release this year, a nice venue, and some reasonably close seats (not body surfing close) but not out on the lawn either, both Stacy and I are very excited about our brief, but exciting adventure.

Plus when I get back, The Red Sox will only trail the Rays by 2 1/2 games, right....right?


  1. I was never THAT in to Dave Matthews. His music is OK, and I've got (or had) a few of his CDs, but I guess I've never "got" it. Maybe I'm just not that in to 'jam sessions' or freestyling? I dunno. When it comes to music from the '90s, I'm more of a Hootie and the Blowfish guy.

  2. Dave Matthews is great, and it is always a fun show. My parents (particularly my mom) are HUGE DMB fans! Have fun!

  3. Did you know Shoreline was built on a toxic dump? Hence the huge pipes sticking out of the G.A grassy mound area. I grew up in the Bay Area, and Toxic dump or not Its was a great place to see the Grateful Dead.