Sunday, August 22, 2010

Garage Sale!

Over the weekend, the wife, Jacoby, and me decided to hold a garage sale and make a little extra space around the house...more specifically the garage, where most of this stuff lived. It was a mediocre profit day, and almost half of those profits were spent that evening anyways as when we left the house to drop off remaining items at Goodwill, we realized that we had locked ourselves out of the house. Easy come, easy go...but the garage looks much better.
A nice little slap of reality hit that day as well. I had about 8 random hobby boxes laying around my game room with some random base cards from each product. I decided to clean up a bit and set the boxes outside with a sign listing them as "5 cents per card or $5.00 for the whole box). I figured there would be some kids filtering though as the day went by and I could at least make a marginal amount before sending them to Goodwill.
In fact, not only did I not sell a single base card all day long, but NOT ONE PERSON EVEN LOOKED AT THEM! Kids walked right on by, adults had blinders on. I even faced up great players like Ryan Howard and Mickey Mantle, and nothing. It's enough to really make you think about our little collector's niche and all of the money we throw into the hobby every weekend!
Regardless, Cleaning up the game room did give me a chance to locate some MIA mini cards for my mini-madness binder. The card above is Cy Young from 2009 T206. I am glad I found this card, hidden away in a top loader, as it is definitely one of my favorites of all minis. This particular card is quite the enigma. It has a regular back, regular base card number, and all-in-all seems to be a regular set card, but for months I have searched for others of Cy, and have come up empty. So while all logic dictates that this is a regularly product mini card, it sure seems pretty mysterious. Into the binder it goes.


  1. So weird! When I sold cards at my yard sale like a year and a half ago, a lot of kids took them, and I actually had one lady call her husband to ask if he wanted any. I wish mine hadn't sold, as that was before I came back to collecting, and I sold some good stuff for next to nothing. But alas, them's the breaks.

  2. Any plans of selling them on your blog?