Monday, March 1, 2010

Olympic Winners Announced!

Whew! The entries have been tallied, and tallied again, and tallied a third time to confirm that we officially had 973 entries into the Olympic Games card giveaway! With the help of excel, I was able to make sure that everybody got their proper amount of entries, and those were cut-and-pasted into to supply the final results. I have included a screen shot of the top finishers in the drawing. You are going to have to squint real tight to see them, but screen don't lie.

So without further ado, here are your Olympic Champions!

Gold Medal:

Representing the team with the second most medals of the games, Germany, represented by Community Gum!

As the gold medal winner, community gum will be receiving a tin of 2007 sweet spot and all its contents minus the redemption that is currently in purgatory. I will find some extra stuff to stuff the tin with though. Be sure to tell me your favorite team!

Silver Medal

Representing Greece and Finland, Joe of Priceless Pursuit! Joe had only his three sign-ups from Greece, but took advantage of the second-chance contest and a few medals from Finland to net a few more entries. Parody anybody?

As winner of the Silver prize, ironically Joe will be receving a pack of relics from various sets. Not that Joe likes relics or anything, so it is a total waste of the prize, but maybe he can sew them into a quilt of something. A really small quilt.

Bronze Medal

Our third place finisher represents the country of Krygyzstan, which did not medal in any event, but Orioles Magic used his sign up entries and blog advertisement to get him just enough to make the top three.

Orioles Magic will be receiving a pack of favorite team/players/ name your wishes and I will see what I can do for you!

Well, there you have it...expect the unexpected. A chip and a chair and you could be the winner.

At the very least I hope that this little contest gave the Olympics a little extra something worth watching for. Thank you to everybody who entered the contest. I plan on creating something for the World Cup in June, but will need to figure out the specifics on that one, so stay tuned.

As for you medal winners, please email me and I will get those prizes out the door!


  1. Yessss!!!! Rejoice, Greeks and Fins of the world! I can't wait to make a thumb warmer with my relics! I should have "Apolo-ed" Community Gum and pushed him out of the way at the last second. Yeah, I went there.

  2. Cool contest. I am proud of my 2nd chance boys from Estonia. They did me proud!

  3. On behalf of the other half of Community Gum (Jon), myself, and the fine people of Deutschland, may Ipresent my utmost thanks to JD for running this contest! I can wait for the winnings, but most importantly I'm glad for the opportunity to compete with such fine bloggers and their respective countryman. JD uber alles!


  4. Congrats guys. :)

  5. Great contest. My wife was actually rooting for Norway for me.

    Thanks for hosting.