Monday, March 1, 2010

Olympic Contest Update!

Well, Sunday featured an amazing finish to the Winter Games when Sid the Kid drop one in the net in overtime to lead Canada to a gold medal finish in Men's hockey. While a great many were rooting for USA, that was a pretty amazing final minute goal just to send it in to overtime, and really...can you script a better finish than arguably the best player in the NHL, AND a Canadian to wrap up Olympic competition in dramatic fashion. Perfect ending.

Of course, with the end of the games comes the end of opportunity to earn entries into the Olympic contest giveaway! Final point tallies have been updated. Here are your top 10...

1. AceWild 78 entries
2. Community Gum 71 entries
3. Matthew 64 entries
4. Mark's Ephemera 60 entries
5. Grand Cards 40 entries
6. Nico 34 entries
7. Peterson 33 entries
8. Opoohwan 32 entries
9. Bud 28 entries
10. (tie) Jim and Wax Wombat 26 entries

Sometimes the luck of the draw can net you a lot of entries, but you gotta believe in parody and when all is said and done, these will be entered into and it will decide whether the person with 78 entries or the person with 3 entries will become the grand prize winner.

I will run the drawing this evening and the winners will be posted tomorrow at 12pm pacific. Good luck to everybody!


  1. Have fun typing all 354,000 total names in to the list generator.

  2. No combination of countries? Or is it just the higher scoring country used?

  3. cut-and-paste baby,cut-and-paste