Sunday, January 3, 2010

Relics I Don't Hate (Part II)

Moving on to the exciting conclusion to the "relics I don't hate" cliffhanger! I know that you lost a ton of sleep overnight pondering how the autograph junkie could possibly even have a handful of lowly little relics on hand. Here are several more that I am happy to have in my collection...

Let's start you off with a little bit of a curve ball.
Ballpark Collection! Say What?? This from the man who ripped the octo-swatch just yesterday? Well let me explain a bit. Its not that I don't like multi-swatches if they make sense. This particular octo represent four former (and world series champion) players, and four current players on the opposite side, not to mention a couple current Red Sox to boot. I don't get the whole serial number sticker, but left in on the card to match it up with its serial number receipt to certify the authenticity of the card.

Kevin Millar! I love this card for several reasons. One I love Kevin Millar. Every team needs a guy like him on the squad to keep things fun and loose. Two, this is a massive chunk of bat that is well defined. Three, the color scheme is very visually appealing and four, I saved this from Joe's Red Sox card incineration pit.

This is one of two sweet swatch patches I have in my collection (the Roy Halladay from Sweet Spots 2009 was downstairs at time of scanning). These cards are nice and thick, numbered to 25, and have a good chunk of meaningful patch in them.

Here is another nicely themed swatch, although it is a bit of a joke because a collector from either side is not going to be happy with the second man on the card. I look at it from more of an investment purpose. We already a guaranteed an HOF with Rivera, so its good to keep an eye on Papelbon to see how his career finishes. This could wind up to be a pretty unique card down the road.

While I am not crazy at all with the relics in Goodwin, I took a bit of a shining to this one just because of the rich-coloring and color scheme as well as being a newly-minted Red Sox. The swatch itself is pretty bland though.

And I will finish up with my new favorite of the bunch. This one is an outstanding replica patch from the Brooklyn Dodgers and an old timer Campanella. I promised Joe that I would display this card often so he won't miss it too much, but have a pack of Yankees and a few relics ready to go to help ease his pain.
That's a wrap on Relics I Don't hate.
Oh, by the way, if you have not done so already, go see Avatar. It is an experience like no other, and even my wife, who dragged her heals and rolled her eyes when I made her go with me, came out of the theatre raving at how cool it was. Don't go in expecting a masterpiece, and DO expect to come out with a mild headache, but this movie was well worth the price of admission just for the sheer spectacle of it all. The sold out crowd on are way out of the theatre reminded me of people waiting in line for "Return of the Jedi". Crazy hype.

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  1. Hey!! It was great to see my Kevin Millar relic again and that he is doing well!! Although he was a Red Sox on that card, it was still a cool one. And please tell my Campanella patch I said hello. Those were two nice back-to-back posts. Perhaps I'll do a rip off and come up with an "Autographs I Don't Hate" post. I'll scan some cards IF the baby decides to sleep at all this afternoon.