Wednesday, August 5, 2009

2009 Heritage Need List

Alright, this is pretty overloaded at the moment. I will highlight pending trades in Red. Thanks for all of your help!

Need: 28,

Almost home! Thank you everybody for helping me achieve this great set!


  1. Okay, I have 40 cards that you can wipe off of your list right now...7,10.13,25,26,32,45,46,54,64,65,66,109,114,116,117,148,163,164,165,192,195,199,223,229,248,249,258,260,272,278,310,311,329,360,363,393,388,406 and 410. I am sure I have a bunch more, my cards are in serious disarray right now... Shoot me your address again and I will get this starter lot sent your way...
    cheers, troll.
    ps how bout them rays?!!

  2. Mike, you can cross out three short prints too... 453, 485 and 493. I will get these out to ya today with the other 40.

  3. I've got (14): 47, 98, 102, 111, 113, 115, 170, 185, 200, 232, 354, 379, 383, 401

    As discussed in our tradin' email, I fancy some of them there A&G minis. I'll send these out tomorrow for you.

  4. thanks, I love marking up red numbers! I will see what I have in the mini department tonight!

  5. i have 4,259,325,245,373,179,322,53,418,334,330,266,302,407,313,317,334,349,362,267,218,216,159,131,92,91,61,34,..... i'll check if i have any more but i think thats it!

  6. Thats great! send your addr to and I will get those Goudey red to go for you!

  7. I found 5 more for you to scratch off of your list... 11,19,49,105 and 123. happy collecting...

  8. Mike,

    I have the following for you:

    I still have your address from your last trade so I'll drop this package in the mail tomorrow.

    Are you still holding 62 & 74 from Goudey for me? I also still need to get to my Masterpieces but that might be later in the week. Feel free to hold off on sending those two cards until I get back to you on Masterpieces.

    Your Ginter Code Partner in crime,

    Nick J.

  9. I've got 4 of your Heritage needs - 380, 368, 228, 190. I'd be willing to trade you those cards for your 2009 Topps Chrome # 22, 32, 47, and 83. Let me know if this deal will work for you -