Saturday, April 17, 2010

Topps Finest Pack #6

Hey hey! Happy Lincecum Log Saturday to you. On National TV here out west as well, so no blurry vision today. Coincidentally, the Freak made it into this packs base cards as well...enjoy. What? Only three base? Well that is because pack #6 donated two refractors...

David Ortiz, Big Papi. Does not hit in real life, does not hit in The Show. Man that game is realistic. And then the extra fractor and I imagine the box hit is a #/50 Tommy Hanson gold refractor, sans blowing bubble.

I will load up box #2 over the weekend and get those out for you guys to see ASAP.

Go Lincecum, and go Sox.


  1. After recently lamenting both how little product I've purchased this year, as well as how little interest I have in what's out there I was excited to see this product existed.

    I didn't see Topps Finest during my comeback tour last year, but they look awesome. I'm thinking about picking up a box to get back into the swing of things. What's the cost look like? Do they sell this retail at all?

  2. cost was 55 bucks for a mini, 110 for the master box. that is the cheapest I found.