Monday, April 12, 2010

Sox Thoughts: Week 1

Well, one week in the books and plenty to talk about with YOUR 2010 World Series Champion Boston Red Sox.

Yankees/Sox, the greatest rivalry in....yawn - I have to admit, I get tired of super long baseball games. I really actually get tired of playing the Yankees unless it is a really meaningful game, and even then the Yankees seems to win most of those anyways. I am over it...unless we get into a bean ball war or fight, then count me back in!

Jacoby injury - Dangit! Even worse than an injury is a 9th inning injury, it just rubs salt into the wounds. I actually thought about this earlier in the game, but it has appeared thus far that Jacoby is struggling a bit learning how to play center field. Several times I have seen balls out to Cameron at Center that suddenly Ellsbury comes running into the scene like a bat outta hell. Also he had not one, but two confrontations on Sunday, one with SS Bill Hall and the collision that has now knocked him out with Adrian Beltre in the 9th. It almost makes me wonder if Ellsbury was interfering with the infielders zones. Ellsbury is just used to stretching it out and making amazing catches, but maybe left field is a bit to constricting for him. Time will tell...after he is healed.

Pedroia off to a fast start - Looks like Pedroia's prediction of 30+ HR's might actually be feasible as he already has three. Little pony, big bat.

Papi off to slow start - Say what you will about "it's only 20 at bats, but it is so much more than just his stats...he has already blown up at the media, been kicked out of a game, and struck out nine (fact check) times. He is not right physically OR mentally at this juncture. It really is too bad too, but he is becoming a liability and a DH is a simple position to fix. Outside of Hermida or Lowell, I might throw another option out there...former Portland Beaver and Oakland Athletic Jack Cust. I know it sounds crazy, but Cust does two things...Hit home runs and hit for outs. Let the big dog eat.

That's all that jumps out for now...

One more "around the league" issue worth bringing up. How did you all like Barry Bonds kind (and carefully worded) comment for Mark McGwire? Awkward, eh? Best part was his interview was abruptly ended right after his words about "being proud of McGwire for what he has done". Exactly what does that mean? Did he mean confessing to using steroids, or simply using steroids? Even more awkward was the obligatory response to Barry from McGwire for his kind comments...again, carefully worded and ambiguous. AWKWARD.

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  1. Sorry to see what happened to Ellsbury, I was scoring that game at home when it happened, that had to hurt! As for the ending of Bonds' interview... I think he wanted to avoid the inevitable questions about his alleged steroid use, didn't want to put his foot in his mouth.