Friday, April 16, 2010

Need some ideas for a birthday rip!

Hey folks. I would not typically toot my own birthday horn, but Monday I turn 33 and am taking the day off, which is terrific because (for all of you Red Sox fans) you know that this is also Patriot Day, which is the day that they run the Boston marathon AS WELL AS host an early start Red Sox games. So basically at 8:00 left coast I will be parked in front of the blurry vision that is MLB Extra innings. I might luck out though and get HD coverage for that one.

Anyways, the wife will be at work, and kid at daycare, so the day is ALL MINE to do as I choose. I have a few bucks burning a hole in my pocket and would like to have something fairly nice to rip that day. I figure on your birthday if you get a higher-end box of something, then it increases your chances of hitting pay dirt. I am looking for some ideas of what to bust.

I am pretty spent on Goodwin,T206, and Topps flagship. I have also been unimpressed with Heritage and don't want a pile of lousy gum laying around the house. Typically, my shop (and I want to go to my lucky one) has mostly only recent stuff, so I have seen 2009 Bowman Sterling, 2009 Topps Unique, amongst others. There is also this crazy hockey box with a dinosaur on the front. Or I could go with another master box of Finest, though I am not super-crazy about serial-number refractors.

Toss out some ideas people. Consider it a choose your own adventure since I will be posting the results!


  1. The "crazy hockey box with a dinosaur on the front" is 09-10 UD Champs and is terribly fun to rip. Dinosaurs, hockey stars, rookies and legends, and the potential to put dinosaur museum pieces. Also, 4 hits per box I believe, usually 3 jerseys/1 auto or two of each.

  2. 2007 ud exquisite... Pull a Lincecum RC auto!

  3. I do not believe that either shop has exquisite.

  4. Hmmm... Maybe an old box of Allen & Ginter?? What was its first year, 2006? That'd be kinda cool.

  5. I would try for early 2000's Donruss (if any have any), Hot Prospects (if you can find a box) or Sweet Spot.

    Stay far, FAR away from Triple Threads and UD X, amongst others.

    Oh, HAPPY early BIRTHDAY!!!

  6. Thanks bud.

    Cranky's store has more variety to choose from, and I may find some older stuff, but I have all my good luck at my other store. There is a rumored store south of where i live that I may have to go on an exploration to see what they have.