Monday, April 12, 2010

Topps Finest Pack #4

Where's the hit? Here it is in pack #4. First our staple base finest... Another Yankee. Benny is making out like a bandit at this point (email me you address by the way), and here is regular ol Bobby to go with the souped up refractor from the last pack.

Now the hit. X marks the spot...

Dustin Richardson RC Auto patch #/75. Gotta admit that I don't know this least not yet. I don't really follow minor league happenings unless somebody is REALLY on my radar like Strasberg, Chapman, etc...but nevertheless these are pretty sweet. Hard to tell from the scan, but the border is a refractor, and having a cool looking Red Sox X is a nice little bonus as well. It takes a lot of skill to sign a patch letter, so kudos to Dustin.
More to come


  1. The patch autos are really nice looking this year, but for the price of a box you'd think they'd at least fill the checklist with decent players.

  2. Pena, Francisco Cervelli, Brett Gardner... the true next generation of stars!