Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lincecum Log and Bday Box Break News!

Hey folks,

I am in the middle of an amazing birthday weekend and thought that I would drop in a quick post. Got the Sox rolling right now on TBS and the Blazers kick off their playoffs against the Suns tonight at 7:30, and the Patriot Day tomorrow, so life is REALLY GOOD!

Life was good yesterday as well, as I continued my dedication to watch every Tim Lincecum game. Luckily this one made national tv, so I was able to watch in HD as Lincecum made the Dodgers look silly.

The breakdown is basically this...from the moment I saw Timmy drop down a bunt up towards first base, and nobody was even close to making a play on it, I knew this game was in the bag. Lincecum went on to go 4-4 for the day with 3 RBI! Did I mention he pitches as well? I mean, there were at least two occasions where the ball went into the triangle and just dropped between three guys.

Pitching-wise, Lincecum was in total control and relaxed, which it's hard not to be when you team spots you several runs early, and then you spot yourself a few as well! Cruise control

The Line: 6 IP, 4 hits, 2 BB, 7K's and 0 ER. He now has a ridiculous 0.90 ERA through three games and has only walked three batters.

Next Up: By my figurin', it looks to be a home matchup against St Louis on Friday

Alright, now on the big announcement.

All week long I have been seeking advice on something special to rip on my birthday. I have done exhaustive research and pricing, but what it really came down to is availability. Here is what I will be ripping tomorrow...

2009 Topps Triple Threads! I believe I just heard a collective groan from my five readers. Why? Because I have been warned and warned and warned again against buying this product. And I have to say, that from the several box breaks I have watched, I have not seen (much) to write home about. Though there certainly have been a few 1-1's in the bunch.

So why did I snag it? Well here is the deal, firstly, my lucky hobby shop cut me a killer deal because he knew it was my birthday and was being really crazy nice to me. Secondly...everything I open from this shop is pure gold, and third, really I just would like to have a couple cards that are completely different from anything that I currently have in my collection. This stuff is way outta my typical price range and certainly will not result in the need to purchase more boxes down the road. So while I am a bit nervous about what the results may be, I am definitely excited as well...

But it will all have to wait until tomorrow. Gotta be on my lucky day, same as buying my lottery ticket tomorrow. All the moons will have to align.

Whether they do, or whether they don't, you will see it all tomorrow, so stay tuned! Send me some MOJO.


  1. What's funny is I did groan when I saw the box...that being said good luck! Hope you pull a 1/1 book or a Lincy auto!

  2. Good Luck with the box

  3. I applaud your decision. Sure, it's incredibly expensive, and you more than likely won't get your money back, but you're guaranteed to get two pretty nice looking cards!! You only live once. The hits look better in person. The Cueto I bought is refractor-ish, which doesn't show up in scans.

    Good luck! Also, happy birthday. I'd like to see the Sox keep losing, but perhaps Ortiz will hit a bomb for ya.

  4. Best of luck with the box, and Happy Birthday!