Friday, April 23, 2010

Owe you all another Finest rip!

Hey Folks, As I am sitting around watching Lincecum and the Giants wrap up a solid performance against a Cardinals rookie, I remembered that I never did post the contents for pack #2 of my Topps Finest box. After the triple-threads debocle, I look at these cards with a lot more fondly. At the very least you get a nice rookie letter patch and several very smooth looking refractors from the set. I may or may not be tempted into another box or two of these, but I would mostly be fishin for a Posey Letterman, so not sure if it is worth the effort. Regardless, here is the results of box 2. Feel free to contact me if any of the base jump out at you.

Refractor scans absolutely crack me up. This Longoria refractor looks like a cross between Goudey and Bowman Heritage, but IRL looks like a typical #/599 refractor. The Cabrera and Reyes are blue and #/299 and light up a little bit more on the ol scanner. Again, I cannot emphasize enough that if you like refractors, these are really beautiful and smooth and definitely worth purchasing a box for. And of course another rookie redemption card. I have not redeemed this one yet and might put it out there for sale or trade. Might be Strasberg, you never know.

And the rookie autograph refractor patch is of Mets rookie Tobi Stoner. Tobi was my first official rookie pull from Topps Flagship, so he is going to be rookie of the year, right?

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  1. I sure hope your rookie of the year prediction comes true but I won't hold my breath.