Monday, April 19, 2010

Bday break box 2

Sorry for the delay. I am having an irritating experience with a new Comcast HD DVR box that they sent me. It does not appear to want to pick up a signal, so according to them it takes about 1/2 hour for the system to download all of my channels. It's totally F'd at the moment because I cannot even pull up the guide screen, which I have never seen that happen either. They tell me that it takes 1/2 hour too. I think I need to call and get another representative.

Anyways, box two is a little better, but nothing overwhelming...
Again, I like the old timers Cy Young and Lou Gehrig and the Helton is to 99 for what it is worth.

Sorry to say that no 1/1 or white whale or HOF relic this time (or any time in the future for that matter). Still though, not a bad little hit...
3 time silver slugger Chase Utley #/18! I am completely perplexed by the "3", so this time around I will guess "Rastafarian beanie, Eddie Bauer cargo shorts, and puzzle piece". And of course it glows Hulk Green as well.
Well, there you have it. Nothing other-worldly to report, but at it was different and exciting to open.
Well, off to watch LOTR. The Red Sox mailed it in early, and now my TV is royally messed up as well, though a tech will be out some time today between 12-4. whoopee. Not going to let it ruin my day though.


  1. The crazy colored "3" looks to be from an All-Star jersey, maybe? Joe-conomics tells me that this card is worth at least $75.

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  3. Yea the 3 colored jersey is definitely from an all star game jersey 2006 Pittsburgh I believe? if the photo i saw is accurate it could be from the banding around the sleeve which is pretty cool