Saturday, February 20, 2010

Well folks, this is it! The final day of 2010 Topps-O-Cuffs, the Rip Off! If you have been following the battle you will know that JD and I are horribly behind due to an unfortunate Nick Swisher pull. Could have happened to anybody I guess. Now if we had pulled a Big Papi black border, well we would probably be doing a little jig at this point. But alas no. Either way, lets finish this thing strong!

Pack 33

Alex Rios (Umpire and bonus player) +10
Daniel Murphy (Oops I lost my bat) +5
Joe Mauer (where did da ball go?) +5
Babe Ruth TR (sweet...old timer) +10
Adam Dunn (horizontal) +5
Red Sox (horizontal) +5
Michael Brantley
Rangers Andrus and Kinsler
Ichiro CYMTO!
Miguel Cabrera TTT

pack 33 total = 40 pts!

Pack 34

Howie Kendrick (shades) +5
Skip Schumaker (flipped up shades and bonus player) + 15
LL Bench/Rodriguez (horizontal) + 5
NL ERA leaders (horizontal) +5
Nationals franchise history
Luke Scott
Gerald Laird
Albert Pujols
Evan Longoria Toppstown

Pack 34 total = +30 pts!

Pack # 35

History of the Game AL enters Major Leagues (horizontal) +5
Adam Moore (horizontal) +5
Alexei Ramirez (shades) +5
Nick Swisher
WTWY Verlander
Miguel Tejada Toppstown gold
Jon Garland
Kerry Wood
Mark Teahan

Pack 35 = +15

Pack 36!
Cincinnati Reds (horizontal) +5
LL Henderson/Crawford (Horizontal) +5
TOTG Spikes up (horizonta) +5
Ben Zobrist (flying bat) +5
Tony Gwynn Jr (shades) +5
russell Braynon
Scott Baker
Chris Coghlan
Evan Longoria Toppstown Gold
Mike Hampton
Pack 36 total = +25

Pack 33 - 36 = 110 pts!
Now that was a nice way to finish up! Unfortunately I don't think it is going to be enough, so for those of you rooting for camp JD, I think we may have come up a little bit short! You can thank the Nick Swisher card of death and the Cal Ripken pants for our demise.
What does this all mean? WELL, Joe is going to be getting himself a nice Yankee product from MLB store AND gets four "slaps" to use by the end of the year. These slaps entitle Joe to force me to write a blog entry about anything little thing his heart desires. I am a good sport though and it will be kinda fun, but I can only imagine the diabolical ideas that a Yankee fan can come up with...don't worry though, Sox fans will get their revenge on opening week at the Fens!
Thank you everybody for sticking with Joe and I during this extended battle. 36 packs is quite the haul and it was pretty tedious scouring all of the cards, scanning, and posting every couple of days, not to mention the fuzzy math! Perhaps a rematch will be in the cards (har de har har), but until that day, we thank you for your viewership!

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  1. Very happy I didn't cheer for you. By the way, I got your card for TTM. I threw it in the trash. GO YANKS! I bet Joe picks out a nice new shirt to wear for opening day.