Thursday, February 18, 2010

JD's Treasure Chest

A little late for a Friday regular posting, but the work week has been a total grind and I have not had a chance to jump in until now. I will make sure to get the medals count updated in the morning since if I look now it will ruin a lot of events that I am currently watching "ahem" tape-delayed. Never mind the fact that Vancouver is less than 8 hours North, lets just go ahead and tape-delay so all of you East Coasters get the live feed!

So Friday's are always fun because it gives me a chance to take a random dive into Jacoby's treasure chest. Although this weeks picks may seem a bit contrived, I assure you that this is truly random. Now, I also have to say that at some point I will need to pull some of the thicker cards like Sweet Spot and Letterman, so the randomness is going to be a little less random.

So pick #1, and who do I pull...

Tiger Woods Moonlight Variation SP! I really can't explain WHY I am hanging on to this card, I just think that the moonlights are pretty nifty and you have Tiger to boot. Yes, he is in heap o trouble right now and today happened to be his big apology speech. While I certainly don't condone his behavior, I feel that the Tiger Woods drama has been designed for the TMZ and Hollywood drama crowd, I could personally care less about what happens next for Tiger, and 46% of those polled are in the same boat. We do love our drama though.

Sweet! Barak Obama SP from Topps 2009. This card is one of three SP's (Ruth, Robinson, Obama) that I obtained from series 1 and 2. This one came from trade from the Bearded One and I was very appreciative to have received it.

Ah, an auto this week after all. Mat Gamel Topps Updates and Highlights 2009. Emm, kinda a squirly little auto, but I continue to believe that the designs of these auto cards are absolutely stellar with the blue, red, and deep green shades that really find a way to make that sticker auto pop. I am willing to put some faith in the Gamel stock and we'll see what this season brings for the young talent. BTW I have no idea what happened on this scan.
Well, brain is dead, so I am calling it a night. Enjoy the weekend! The grand finale of the Topps-o-Cuffs is tomorrow. Stayed tuned!

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