Monday, February 15, 2010

Breaking up is hard to do...

Unfortunately, sometimes it just needs to be done. In the instance of the Ginter Prize, Nick Jacoby and myself were dealt the challenge of how to divide up 70 autograph cards, while trying to be fair in assessing the worth of each. For a couple of days we tossed around using Beckett, Ebay completed listings, and astrology (I still think going to a palm reader is an excellent way to gauge value). But when it came down to it, really the best way to split up the cards was just to do a good old fashioned draft!

We had (and still have) a slight hitch...we only received one Michael Phelps auto. Technically the prize does say "one autograph for each autograph SUBJECT", therefore technically ONE Phelps is within those parameters...although it makes things substantially more difficult for us! We'll figure it out, and will most likely just sell that one on Ebay and split the cash as it really seems the only fair thing to do.

So the great Ginter summit of 2010 took place. There was some from readers in seeing how the negotiations all went down, so I kept a script of emails spanning two days. It's not the most interesting reading on earth, but it will give you an idea of which cards went when and to whom. At the end of this entry is a summary of the split. Trust me, this was 100 times more intense than any fantasy draft that I have ever done!

A couple more things to note. Pre-draft we determined a few "Must-Haves" that we did not want to fight over. For example he really wanted a David Wright and Jose Reyes, and I really wanted Big Papi and Ryan Howard, so we pulled those out. He also wanted two of his beloved Reds Jay Bruce and Johnny Cueto, so I countered with Jon Papelbon and Clayton Kershaw. We also snagged three negro leaguers apiece based on Beckett value.

Alright! So then those aside, this is how it went down...

Mike: Alright. Here goes nothin...
While not the most valued...I will take Evan Longoria.

Nick: Okay, I would go with Miguel Cabrera.

Mike: I'll take Matt Holliday

Nick: Darn, that was my next pick! I’ll take Werth.

Mike: yeah, it was between the two of them...again not as much worth...but I will take Hanley Ramirez

Nick: I’ll take Billy the Marlin… (This was the first separation from ballplayers to oddball cards)

Mike: I take Ryan Braun!

Nick: I’ll take Survivor Champ Bob Crowley! (This starts to become a recurring theme in picks)

Mike: Gotta take Joba for the block, Bob.

Nick: I’ll take Cat Osterman

Mike: very nice, she was next on the list. SHOW ME THE YUTO! (My favorite of the oddies, I decided to reach for it).

Nick: I wanted him a few picks back but you seem super pumped about it (and your son has a pretty cool name) so I figured I’d let you have that one. Let me go with Steve Wiebe

Mike: thanks. Dustin IS a pretty cool name :)
Opendahl (or whatever it is) for me.

Nick: Phil Hughes…

Mike: Kristine Armstrong

Nick: Matt Kemp

Mike: A new day! Denard Span! First pick of day #2, where a bunch of mid-level baseball cards and several oddies remain).

Nick: I’ll take Michael Phelps. Kidding, I’ll go with Red Moore.

Mike: okay, I take Frenchy Jeff Francouer.

Nick: I’ll go with Brian Berg.

Mike: Hannah Teter.

Nick: John Higby

Mike: You're a yo-yo....I'll take Josh Johnson.

Nick: Troy Tulowitzki (things at this point start to get short and to the point as we each already have our favorites at this point).

Mike: Maybin.

Nick: Lowell (sniff)

Mike: Aww, bye bye Mikey! I'll take Dick Fosbury.

Nick: Darn, I was going for him next! I’ll go with LaShawn Merritt

Mike: I'll take Mad Max.

Nick: I’ll go with Brian Cappalletto, scrabble guy.

Mike: it is getting down to garbage time! Ah hell, I'll take the bearded man. (things now get super-quick and the picks are flying. How do you really decide between an Australian stuntman and a "never-quite-gunna-make-it AAA prospect"?)

Nick: Santana.

Mike: Masterson

Nick: Conor Jackson

Mike: jack cust

Nick: Juan Rivera

Mike: Zagunis (Beaverton native)

Nick: Carlos Gomez

Mike: Kolan the barbarian!

Nick: Lynne Cox

Mike: I'll take stupid Shawni Davis next, but he better win a ton of golds at the Olympics

Nick: Robbie Maddison

Mike: brock Yates

Nick: Brown Trafton

Mike: Dude with the horse.

Nick: Tunnicliffe

Mike: Glenn Eller

Nick: Dewitt

Mike: continuing with scrap players, I regretfully take Ryan Church.

Nick: Metzger

Mike: Rich Hill (Unsure if this is even his correct name, too lazy to care).

Nick: Olsen

Mike: Alexi CasillaBAM!!! (Jubilation as I learn that mathematically Nick gets the bodybuilder. Technically he ends up with one extra card in the split, but when THIS is the extra card, no worries :)

Nick: No pick needed, as he ends up with the final card, the extremely disgusting image of body-building champion Kyle. Booby prize!

So here is the summary:

David Ortiz
Ryan Howard
3 Negro Leaguers
Jonathan Papelbon
Clayton Kershaw
Evan Longoria
Matt Holliday
Hanley Ramirez
Ryan Braun
Joba Chamberlain
Kristine Armstrongl
Denard Span
Jeff Francouer
Hannah Teter
Josh Johnson
Cameron Maybin
Dick Fosbury
Max Scherzer
Burke Kenney
Justin Masterson
Jack Cust
Shani Davis
Brock Yates
Glenn Eller
Ryan Church
Rich Hill
Alexi Casilla

David Wright
Jose Reyes
3 Negro Leaguers
Dominque Wilkins
Jay Bruce
Johnny Cueto
Miguel Cabrera
Jason Werth
Billy the Marlin
Bob Crowley
Cat Osterman
Steve Wiebe
Phil Hughes
Matt Kemp
Red Moore
Brian Berg
John Higby
Troy Tulowitzki
Mike Lowell
Leshawn Merritt
Brian Cappalletto
Ervin Santana
Connor Jackson
Juan Rivera
Carlos Gomez
Lynne Cox
Robby Maddison
Brown Trafton
Blake Dewitt
Mike Metzger
Scott Oleson
Creepy body builder

One a late note, Nick had a soft spot for Kolan the bowler, so I traded him for Mikey Lowell, so Mr MVP will actually be joining team red after all.

I am curious to take the vibe of the readers about what should be done about the Michael Phelps card. Yes, I am opening up a window for some really ridiculous comments, but I am hoping for some semi-serious thoughts on how to handle the split. How much do you think this card might go for if plopped on fleBay? Thanks for the input!


  1. Wow, Rich Hill would have been much much higher on my list than four cards from the end. Then again, I do have a Rick Hill player collection lol.

  2. ebay seems like a legitimate route for the Phelps card, or negotiate a buyout if someone REALLY wants it. Personally, I'd rather the cash anyway and I'd put it towards more baseball cards!

  3. A Heritage auto /25 went for $275 and an UD auto /99 went for $175. Seeing as yours is essentially a 1/1 uncirculated mini with the 'Codebreakers' frame I cannot see why you would not put it up for a BIN\BO of 400-500.

    That's just my take.

  4. Tulo would have been my #1 pick, too bad his autos are as common as rubles now.

  5. I'd go with ebay on Phelps. If I was in your situation, I'd have little interest in the Phelps card other than what I could get for it, so that's where I'd go.

    Otherwise, Kemp and Osterman went far too low! Those would have been my first two picks!

  6. I also have to say that you should sell the Phelps, and split the profits. Topps sort of put you in a tough spot by only giving out one.

    Stupendous haul for both of you, and congratulations again.

  7. I'd love to buy the Phil Hughes off someone.

  8. That looked right great fun and I agree, sell and divide the spoils on that Phelps.