Thursday, February 18, 2010

Coming down the stretch...packs 29-32

This is not looking good, folks. Joe has found a way to sustain his lead for the last several breaks. I held a meager 5 point lead after 8 packs, but that has long since gone away thanks to the Nick Swisher death card. lets see if tonight help the cause a bit...

Pack 29

Marco Scutaro (shades) +5
Twins team (horizontal) +5
Ryan Howard Toppstown(leaders) +5
Rick Porcello TR (current player) +5
Jonathan Sanchez
John Smoltz
Scott Kazmir
Tyler Flowers (GOLD) rookie
Kenshin Kawakami
Jeff Samarozija

Pack 29 total = +20 pts

Pack 30

Seattle Mariners (horizontal) +5
Adam Jones Toppstown (cellar dwellar) -5
Vernon Wells (shades) +5
Tim Hudson
Garrett Jones
Ivan Rodriguez CYMTO
Ricky Nolasco
Mark Teixeira
David Price

Pack 30 total = +5

Pack 31

Angels (horizontal) +5
Tex, Bay, Lind (horizontal) +5
Wade Davis
Giants history
Tony Gwynn CYMTO original back !
Roger Maris HOTG
Todd Helton
Jason Bay (Sox) +5
JA Happ
Orlando Hudson

Pack 31 total = +15

Pack 32

Shairon Martis
Dodgers and Giants HOTG
Johnny Cueto
David Hernandez
John Maine
Adrian Gonzalez TR (current player) +5
Miguel Cabrera Toppstown Gold
Milton Bradley (horizontal and shades) +10
Athletics history (horizontal) +5
Mat Latos (horizontal) + 5

Pack 32 total = 25 pts

Total packs 29-32 = 65

Man, another grind. Had one gold card but could not utilize it this time around. Still waiting for something to go horribly wrong for Joe, but it has been pretty smooth sailing on his side. Well, what can you say. Looks like I will be writing much praise about the Yankees this year after all! Still four packs to go though!

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