Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Punxsutawney Mike makes his predictions!

It is a little known, if not completely fabricated fact that the first card that I pull from Topps Flagship each year will represent that year's World Series champion. Yup, it's true (totally false). It is also true (false) that I am the only person that has this incredible ability (also a total fabrication). In fact, I have been correct for the last 15 years straight. I know what you are saying...didn't he just start collecting last year? Yes! But those are just some minor details to this story...pay no attention.

Anyways....where was I? Oh yes, my psychic abilities. Well, last night with the 2010 Topps-O-Cuff Rip off officially on, I had the pleasure of ripping my first two packs of the hobby box. How do I show so much restraint you may ask. Simple. NO MONEY! Yup, just got a call from the brake center, $400 bucks are on the way out my door to fix the brakes on my car. Yay team.

Alright, so of these two packs, I carefully selected through my psychic powers of bull$h**, the power of YOUR 2010 World Series Champions! The pack selected depicted the Babe on the front...but sorry NYY fans, it is not your year. Nor is it the Red Sox year either. Are you ready for the next evolution?

Are you sure?

Well, this is totally redonk, but your 2010 World Series Champions are....

The Dodgers of Los Angeles! Take it easy there Minnesota fans, I am aware that Thome actually is now headed back to the frigid midwest, but I never said it was the player on the card, but actually the TEAM on the card. How do I know this? Because I have been right for the last 15 years! (I have not). So congratulations to the LA Dodgers, and everybody should flood to Vegas now based on this sound advice.

BUT, we are not done yet. No Sirs and Madams, not by a longshot. I also have the incredible ability to predict the ROY (I do not), and this will not doubt be an invaluable tool to you in deciding who's rookie cards to stash this year and who's to line the birdcage with (I don't have a bird). It goes like this...the first Rookie card that I pull becomes the rookie of the year...it is totally disputable scientific fiction! Well, this year, unlike the previous 14, it took me two packs to find the first rookie, though I looked twice through the first pack because of that damn tiny little RC symbol. But pack two revealed YOUR 2010 Rookie of the Year....


(no, not really)

TYLER FLOWERS! Congratulations Mr....Flowers, you beat out some other dude named Stoner (go Mets) by ONE card. Here is the scoop on Flowers...Tyler was traded by Atlanta from their minor league system to Chicago in 2009. He was on a decent tear in AA, held steady for awhile in AAA before getting called up to the show and getting torn a new one. Actually he only has 10 games experience and only 16 at bats in those games, so I'll cut the guy some slack....besides, it is a mooooooooooooooo point anyways, because my scientific method reveals that Flowers is force to be reckoned with this season...sorry Stoner.

What about those pack rips, you may ask (probably not). Well, two more will be ripped this evening and all early results will be posted tomorrow, 12pm pacific. Join me, won't we?

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