Thursday, February 4, 2010

Jacoby's Treasure Chest

It's Friday! That means that it is also time to check in with the CEO and see what surprises we can pull of out his collection today. Unfortunately the CEO is not able to conduct the random draw this evening because he is a party animal at day care and is only getting about an hour nap each the happy parents get to experience the joy of his crankiness. Off to bed with you!

Some very interesting pulls today. Let's jump right in...

Dexter Fowler gold parallel Rookie Auto #/10. To this day, this probably remains my slickest eBay find. I found Dexter right after SP Authentic hit the market and virtually no one was looking for it so I got a killer deal on this card. Now, obviously a Dexter Fowler Rookie is nothing to shout from the Colorado mountain tops about...yet. But I know that I definitely heard his name several times last season, and I am willing to take the chance that he can be a breakthrough player. If that happens, then this little bit of prospecting will be well worth it. Either way you slice it, this baby is numbered to 10.
Ru-Roh! Where did this stinkin thing come from? Ah yes, this was another one of my future legend pulls during my SP Legendary Cuts binge last year. Kennedy was one of the first autos that I ever pulled, so into the top loader it went, not to be seen again Kennedy has certainly had a roller-coaster ride in the early part of his career and has more-or-less made his living in the minors between surgery and being a gas can in the show. I am encouraged that he is no longer a Yankee though and is pitching for Arizona this season. Arizona just seems to know how to raise pitchers and I am hoping that this type of environment will help Kennedy thrive in 2010.

Ah yes, the surprise hit from my 2009 Heritage High Numbers set. The owner seems to think these hand-numbered autos are the case-hits, which is definitely a nice thing to hear. I found nothing extraordinary about the careers of either of these two guys, but it's still a pretty good looking card, a lucky pull and scarce to boot.

Until next week, the treasure chest is closed.


  1. Wow, I love that Fowler Auto. Treasure indeed

  2. Indian Bob Johnson, one of the most underrated all-star outfielders ever! Just check out his stats at baseball-reference. Awesome pull!

  3. Nah, this is a different Johnson. Indian Bob never played for KC.