Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bustin Packs # 5-8

Pujols leads the way! This is the pack rip results for packs 5-8 of the great Topps-O-Cuffs rip off! to get you caught up, Joe and I were neck and neck at the end of the first four packs. At stake is four slaps and some yankee/red sox memorabilia! Without future ado, lets get to the results!

Pack #5
Bobby Crosby (shades) +5
Manny Ramirez Toppstown (leader) +5
Man Ram/Jimmy Fox Legendary Lineage (horizontal) +5
Topps Million Card Givewaway (Campanella)
Coors Field (horizontal) +5
Zach Greinke
Nick Johnson
Lyle Overbay
Josh Beckett (Red Sox!) +5
Pittsburgh Pirates
Pack Total = 25 pts!

Pack #6

Edwin Encarnacion
Cliff Lee
Garrett Anderson
Ichiro Toppstown
Chipper Jones Peak Performance
Manny Ramirez CYMTO (hahahaha, this card is priceless)
Jose Valverde (horizontal +5 AND TWO UMPIRES +10)
Adam Laroche
Neftali Feliz
Jon Papelbon (Red Sox) +5
Pack total = 20 pts

Pack 7 and 8 (kinda got mashed together)

Jorge de la Rosa
Buster Posey
Chris Ianneta
Yankees Checklist! -10 for that but +5 for being horizontal = -5
Ken Griffey Jr
Robinson Diaz (shades and bonus teammate) +10
Homey Bailey looking scary as ever
Jason Kendall
Joe Blanton
Darin Erstad sporting shades +5
Ticket to Toppstown Vlad (leaders) +5
Andrew Bailey
Chris Coghlan Gold
Jayson Nix
John Lannan
Dbacks (posed teammates Johnson and Schilling...nice card!) +10
Toppstown CC Sabathia (Leaders)+5
Legendary Lineage Musial/Pujols +5 (horizontal)
Tales of the game - Bo knows defense (horizontal) +5
Turkey Red Pujols (current player) +5
Total for packs 7-8 = +45

Grand total packs 5-8 = 90 pts!

The scans are pretty much all over the place in this post. I started sorting out base and inserts before realizing that I needed to keep them separate for the points scanning. Won't happen again! I was just so excited to start my inserts binder that the cards kinda mingled together.
Latest Impressions: Now that I have my inserts binder ready to roll and I can really check out the products grouped together I definitely am starting to like the insert sets. All of them...yep, even the Toppstown look better this year. Hands down though the winner for me so far is the Cards Your Mother Threw Out. These are fun, and very nice reprints, and there is rumored to be ACTUAL original cards out there for the taking. Or at least original backed...either way they are pretty nice.
Thats it until Tuesday. I recommend you go check out Joe's rip points. Word on the street is that he pulled a jersey card today....AND STILL is behind.....BWA A A A AHHHHHHHHHHHH!

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