Monday, January 25, 2010

Welcome back, Miguel Tejada!

Today, the Baltimore Orioles officially welcomed back the lovable Miguel Tejada into the family.

"I am happy to return to Baltimore, it's like my home," Tejada told ESPN. "We have great young talent, and I think many good things could happen with the club in 2010."

Tejada received a warm ovation from his press conference. Below are some of the photos of the event released just moments ago....

Miguel Tejada officially donning the Baltimore jersey once again.

In attendance were some of Miguel's most trusted "inner-circle"

Barry Bonds...

Mark McGwire...

Jason "clownboy" Giambi

Sammy Sooser

Also in attendance was Tejada's closest confidant and friend, future HOF and beloved friend, and former mate...

Rafael Palmeiro! Still pointing fingers, I see...
Welcome back Miggy!


  1. Have you ever read "Away Games" ?

    After you pick it up It's very hard to put down. You would never look at Miggy the same.

  2. Fair enough. While the purpose of the post was just to poke a little fun (as well as paint a sweet little moustache) I can see your point of view, and I will be happy to check this book out!