Friday, January 29, 2010

Jacoby's Treasure Chest

It's time for the Friday dip into the ol' treasure chest.

This week is a bit of an oddball selection. Whaddaya gunna do when you pull at random? Here are this weeks three...

Yee-haa, let's go prospecting! I don't even remember pulling this auto, to tell you the truth, nor do I remember buying any Bowman Chrome for that matter. I am guessing that I got this card very early on in my collecting days and slapped it into a toploader and put it away. Not that there is anything wrong with having a Bowman Chrome Rookie First Year auto. Should Josh Lindbloom erupt into superstar status, then this could be the next Lincecum Rookie card sensation. For the record, I am not a big fan of Lincecums rookie card. It is not that attractive of a card, but since it is his official rookie, it books at over two bills. I don't expect the same for Lindbloom, but I guess you never know. Lets see how he fared in 2009? Hmm...not stellar. But I will say this, his stats, IP and progression from A to AAA show that he is moving the right direction, though it appears to all be in relief. Not that there is anything wrong with relievers, but I don't expect a huge value boost in his card any time soon.

Ahh, this one I do remember pulling. I loved the autographs out of Topps 2009 chrome. In fact, I pulled two of these...this version is the refractor auto numbered to 499. I have taken quite a shine to Mr Romero, and have several of his cards at this point. I expect big things out of could start to see it last season, and I fully expect this year to be a break-out year for the fella.

We finish up today with a bit of an oddball card in the collection. This is a 2009 Goodwin Champions Magician #8/8 hand-numbered mini.

I really don't know what the market value is for these. It certainly would help if it were of a more (currently) popular player. The one special thing about this card is that I have collected his base card, three of four mini-backed versions, and the relic to boot. The only card short of the "Vlad Cycle" is the foil version. I thought it would be cool to line them all up and frame it or something, should the foil ever find its way here. Since only 7 other people could (potentially) own this card, THAT would certainly be a unique set of cards. Anybody have that foil?
Thus ends another treasure chest Friday!

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  1. That Magician is so cool I've never seen one of those before. Now I have a quest for my Rollie Fingers collection!!