Thursday, January 28, 2010

Package from Nico

I have a bit of catching up to do on package thanks. While receiving packages are the best part of being a blogger and card enthusiast, 'round our place torn open envelopes can tend to pile up quickly. It goes kinda like this.

My wife and I (who carpool) go pick up Jacoby from day care and get home at roughly 5:40 or so. At this point, Jacoby has been up since 6 am and is definitely ready for his evening meal and a LONG sleep.

The daily ritual now that Jacoby has a legitimate pair of outdoor shoes, is for us to venture down to the mail box and see if any treasure is inside. Lately there has been and we happily carry the mail inside.

Unfortunately, JD and my enthusiasm is not always met equally by Mom. She stares warily at the yellow envelope and says something to the effect of "you are not opening that until you vacuum, or feed Jacoby, or empty the dishwasher (one of these days I am going to make Jacoby the dishwasher guy). So typically an envelope is opened during a diaper changing or bath time! Then once we put the kid to bed between 7 and 8, that leaves very little time for us to hang out before off to bed to start all over again the next day.

The beauty of it is, that during weekends Jacoby sleeps...A catch up for all of the naps he is not getting in daycare because of all the excitement going on. He likes his sleep, and I like it too because it gives me the time to get caught up on card stuff, like thanks to the awesome bloggers who send us cards!

While I promise to get all the spoils posted over the next couple of days, I do want to start with a great dual package from Nico at Nr Mt and Nico's mom! Now typically I would not go a drag a young college students mother into a trade conversation and embarrass the lad, but something was very striking about this two-package deal, one sent from college and the other sent from home. Both packages were IMMACULATELY packed with care and precision, so much that a stray bullet could not rip through the letter and damage the card. It is very appreciated when people spend the time on this detail. I am guilty of having a different looking package every time, and those of you who have received them know exactly what I am talking about. Anyways, on to the cards!

Now Nico send a very generous helping of cards, and try as I might to include them all, I was forced to make some cuts. We start out (above) with some classic Sox cards. Without a doubt, Gedman takes the trophy on these cards. Looks kinda like Clark Kent holding some sort of mystic hookah or something. I love this card so much that it has already been featured twice on this blog in a matter of days!

These are fascinating! Being a still very-green collector, I am constantly amazed by the variety of cards out in the world. Judging from the 1990 copyright, these come from the Junk Wax era. I love em though, especially the Luke Appling. Each card reserves a healthy amount of space on the back to tell a good story about the player featured. A very cool set.

The above is a tribute to the 2004 champs. Immediately when I saw Wake, I thought "Goodwin Champions". Hmm. Nomar is a bit out of place, but he has a ring too, so it counts.

Yaz is a bit out of place in this group, but I wanted to throw his card in here somewhere. It's a beauty. I am always happy to include Varitek, and of course Jacoby and Dustin are always welcome as well! I love having Dustin's WBC card, but I will be honest...MAN am I glad there is no WBC this year!

Two new Lester's for the set. The goofy scan to the right is an X-Fractor.

Nico also included several phenoms and several more Sox. A great package with a lot of variety. Thanks Nico.
For the second part of the transaction, Nico offered up a great Rookie Auto of Clay Buccholz from the Heroes set.

Clay is the man, and this card is fantastic for so many is numbered to 50, it represents his no-hitter (one of my favorite Red Sox moments in history) and his signature is legendary. He no doubt subscribes to the Jon Papelbon school of autograph signings!
Thanks again Nico, always a pleasure trading with you. Your final piece to this puzzle will be in the mail tomorrow!


  1. The cards from 1990 are from the Pacific Legends set. 110 card sets were released in 1988, 1989, and 1990. You can pick up sets for around $10 each on ebay. Wax Heaven had a post about them back in August and that inspired my to pick up all three.

  2. Wrigley, you are one of the most knowledgeable resources out there! Thanks for contributing to the site! These cards look pretty cool. I may have to check them out...

  3. I thought the Sox traded Nomar before the 04 World Series?? Did they still give him a ring?

  4. Geez Joe, are you a Yankees fan or something? Nomar was traded at the deadline of the championship seasonfor Orlando Cabrera and Doug Menkavvighghsyhch .

  5. You said Nomar has a ring, too... I'm confoozeddd..

  6. He does. Here:

  7. Ah, kinda figured that happened. Don't remember hearing about it at the time, though.