Thursday, January 28, 2010

Scoring the Rip Off

Every game has to have a set of rules...without rules, what the hell are we doing anyways????

For those of you scoring at home, here is how the game is going to be played. Joe and I will bust three packs a day and report the results to you on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. This will all begin next Tuesday when Slowpoke finally gets his boxes from Blowout. In the meantime I will stare at my two perfect, unopened boxes of goodness and try to determine a scientific method of choosing WHICH to open for the break.

First posting of results will be next Thursday and we will keep a tally in our sidebars to keep you updated on the latest score. We played up our Yankee/Red Sox rivalry in many of the categories, but you will also see some pretty random cats just for fun. There are also game breaking categories such as a patch card hit and the multipliers (Example, if Joe pulls a black variation Red Sox...say goodnight, Gracie). Also, the relic vs auto will come into play as well.

So, Joe and I humbly submit our rules for the 2010 Topps-O-Cuffs Rip Off. A link to these will also be posted in the sidebar for referral!

Corey Hart( Player wearing sunglasses) +5
Ed Rooney (player wearing flipped up sunglasses +10
Ticket to Toppstown First class ticket parallel +5
Turkey Red Old Timer +10
Turkey Red current player +5
Joe: Yankees base = +5
Mike: Red Sox base= +5
Joe: Red Sox base = -10
Mike: Yankees base =

Team/uniform mismatch = +5 (i.e. Roy Halladay says he's on Phillies, but pictured in Blue Jays gear)

Bonus Shot! Two players, one card: +5 action, +10 posed (does NOT include league leader type card)

That's strange: +5 (Pitcher batting, slugger bunting, etc)

I think you dropped something: +5 (flying helmet, hat, glove, etc)

Game changer: +5 (umpire in the shot)

BOOM! +50 (jumbo patch, silk, cut auto, hat logo, logo man, etc.)

Gold base = 5x, Black base = 10x
Joe: Relic = +20
Joe: Autograph = -30
Mike: Autograph = +20
Mike: Relic =

"For Love of the Landscape”(horizontal images, including all inserts) +5

"Best of Both Worlds" Autograph-Relic card +30

Pie in the face variation. WHAMMY!

Ticket to Toppstown -

"Leaders of the Pack" (Yanks, Twins, Angels, Phillies, Cards, Dodgers) +5

"Cellar Dwellars" (O's, Royals, A's, Nats, Pirates, Diamondbacks) - 5

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  1. It sucks knowing you won't be adding anything good to me from your Topps boxes.