Friday, November 27, 2009

12 Days of Heritage

Well, after several months of debate as to whether High Numbers counts towards the actual Heritage set, I decided to jump on board and go the distance with the set. I was very proud for completing was not easy, it got a bit spendy, and the SP's were difficult to gather. But that set really symbolizes why the blogosphere is so great, and many of you contributed competing the set, so I figured I might finish this one up. Taking one for the blogosphere.

I went and grabbed one box the other day and will rip two packs a day for the next twelve. It is also a little bit of a countdown because after the 12th day of ripping, I go to present my dissertation for my masters degree, at which point I officially get my life back. So time to celebrate, and let the countdown begin!

On the 1st day of High Numbers, Topps Heritage gave to me...

A Josh Outman Chrome Card
Three promising rookies...

two traded players.

Two more promising rookies, a former Cardinal and Reds....

and my goodness, talk about taking the drama out of a box rip. Here is my relic hit in pack #2, and Alexei Ramirez jersey swatch complete with stripe. I could do a lot worse I guess, but I am not much of a swatch kinda guy. You never know, I have beaten the odds before and pulled extra hits from boxes...we'll see what happens!
And oh yeah...almost forgot about the star of the show...

Serial numbered gum! Woo-hoo! Stay tuned for more high number madness!

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