Sunday, November 22, 2009

Highlights of Topps Highlights Blaster

After the standard library Saturday, I decided to head to Fred Meyers (its like a Target or Walmart equivilent) for some mac and cheese and chicken strips when to my amazement, I discovered that Freddies carries blasters! I was even more amazed to see an SP Authentic blaster (Cranky is going to be upset about this) as well as a Topps Updates and Highlights blaster. Now I had both in my hands but ended up with Updates and Highlights for a couple reasons...while a Derek Jeter auto is nothing to sniff at, the Updates and Highlights contains a guaranteed patch as well as an outside chance at an auto or an at least a couple Turkey Reds. This one was a no-brainer... Here are the highlights of the Highlights...all for trade, minus the Turkeys...

And now to the patch, also not for trade, but I feel pretty darn good about this pull...

I replica Jimmy Foxx All-Star patch from 1938. I love the presentation on these patches, Topps does a good job with this guaranteed insert and I have happy to add it to the relics and swatches that don't bug the hell out of me box (its a small box).

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  1. Mike, put that Michael Young in a pile (or start one) : ) for me!