Sunday, November 22, 2009

Surprise Package from Troll!

Throughout all of the madness that has been the last 12 weeks of my life, it is always nice to find little envelopes in the mailbox containing something other than bills or advertisements. I was surprised and happy to see a nice little envelope from down Florida way! Thanks to Troll
for the following:

Oh yeah! Turkey Reds, I had almost forgotten about these! I need to get more proactive to finish this set up and thanks to Troll I am a couple cards closer to completion. I also dig the Felix Hernandez serialed parallel and am always a fan of UD Masterpieces. I may just have to try to snag a couple boxes of that series and throw it together right!

I will make a point to update my TR needs list if you would be so kind to take a gander. Thanks again Troll!

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