Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sweet Spot?

I am long overdue in posting my 2009 Sweet Spot results from when I went bananas a few weeks ago and bought way too many packs, my disappointed rising increasing with each opened pack. I just could not get in a groove with this product, and it starts to make you wonder a bit when you speed by all the base cards (which are really well done this year, by the way) just to get to that fat piece of cardboard that is either a sweet spot, or a whammy! I got 7 whammies! Below are the results...

Now, I am actually OK with the Pujols and Porcello swatch, simply because it is pretty dang hard to get anything of Pujuls and I like phenom pitchers, but in reality I have swatch-lash. Patches are different, I like patches. I am still enamored with my Johan Santana patch that I pulled from 2008 Sweet Spot, but regular ol swatches just bug me. These are all for trade.

Of course if you don't hit the sweet spot, you are still likely to pull an auto of Sweet Beginnings. A Yankee and a pitcher I have never heard of. With any rookie cards though, these are worth hanging on to should they explode in their careers, but with high serial numbers these kinda feel like whammies also. I am not particularly attached if somebody wants to offer up a trade for these either. Have a great day!


  1. Marie from Cardboard Problem is very interested in the Albert Pujols card. She can't email you right now about it but she wanted me to let you know she would like to discuss a trade for it.

  2. And I'm personally interested in the Brett Gardner auto. I don't have anything really cool to offer but I could find some things and try to offer a package.

  3. I can definitely swing for the Pujols. I already had some interest in Gardner though, but nothing solid yet. Let me see how that one shakes out. Just have marie email me when she has a chance.

  4. Hi guys, hit me up with what you have in mind for Gardner, also still waiting to hear from Marie. Email me and lets work out some deals!