Sunday, November 29, 2009

11 Days of Heritage

on the 2nd day of Heritage, High Numbers gave to me...

four more promising rookies.

4 more traded players....I think. The Eric Byrnes has me a bit puzzled. Wasn't he with Arizona not only all of this season, but also the last? Then there is Mr Kazmir, who I was thrilled got traded out of Tampa...only to find a way to do the Sox in anyways. When Catalanotto got traded from Texas, Saltelamachia (or something like that) became the undisputed lengthy-name-on-jersey champ. As for Hanranhan...welcome to Pittsburgh purgatory.

Jason Vargas. A very promising young Seattle Pitcher, Julio Lugo and the most uncomfortable batting stane that I have ever seen, and Craig Counsell, filling in for Milwaukie's depleted infield.

And now for the shiny. A David Aardsma chrome. numbered to 1960. The first name alphabetically in baseball.

More to come tomorrow. I will give a bit of a tease. Turns out that the Ramirez relic was just a tease, as I pulled ANOTHER hit today. More on this tommorow...stay tuned.

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  1. Bought two hobby packs today. No Rangers. But I don't know the checklist either!! Have a great one.